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By Anonymous
To all the lifers playing this game who think it’s cool to invade on levels like this, you’re pathetic. Patiently making it almost to the end just to have some over leveled wizard one shot you when you’re out of estus and clearly don’t wish to engage is ridiculous. “Git gud”, sure. Get a life, also.
By Anonymous
That was probably an NPC invader
By Anonymous
Unpopular opinion, this area is very manageable with patience, planning, and speed
By Anonymous
Initial reaction to this level: I love it! I love how it looks! What’s this mysterious beautiful song?

One hour later: @&€£ this €@&£$ hellhole.
By Anonymous
There is zero ways of making this area enjoyable. If you play as melee it's probably the worst area in the entire game. If you have a bow, it's very easy but also very very tedious. It speaks volumes that the only praise I've ever heard for this area is "it looks nice".
By Anonymous
Just use a crossbow ffs
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By Dissy
by far the worst area in the game, however. it is very easy with a bow. b u t, i dont wanna use a bow so i just take my time with my silly spells and greatswords
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Is there any other door in the game that you need to be human to open?
By Anonymous
Imagine using a how in dark souls lol
By Anonymous
real chads use a why
By Anonymous
Yeah, this area is relatively easy. I don't think anyone would argue that. With a bow and a bit of patience, any idiot, even an SL1 can clear it.

The reason it's horrible design is because this place is so god awful without a bow. The mages with infinite range, typical gank squads of highly aggressive enemies, and those horrendous underwater cliffs that make a torch basically mandatory for a new player are horrid.

It's easy, but the way in which you have to make it easy is pretty slow and suffocating. If Frigid Outskirts didn't exist, this place would have to take the cake for worst area in the game.
By Anonymous
A lot of people here really need to git gud. Just use arrows lol
By Anonymous
Range cuck KEK
By Anonymous
What if I am doing a no bow run?
By Anonymous
whoever designed this location most be hanged alongside their entire family
By Anonymous
- Joseph Stalin after seeing that his statue is 27 and a half feet instead of 28
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