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By Anonymous
It's not "ATT" it's "ATN" for attunement.
By Anonymous
Wow thanks this is really cool to figure out iframes!
By kyokuryu
At "Stat Calculator'' you have 13 i-frames with 111 agility but in ''Stats'' you have 14 i-frames with 111 agility. Which is correct ?
Thank you
By Anonymous
Yep, something is wrong with the agility calculator. With 111 agility it still shows 13 i-frames, and at 115 agility it suddenly jumps to 15 i-frames. And even with 99 Attunement and 99 Adaptability it still shows 15 i-frames.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Umm, how is one supposed to calculate his/her soul lvl if calculator is locked? Just asking, can do it manually tho :p
By Anonymous
I need help with my knight don't know what the stats should be at lvl 103 can some one help me out
By Anonymous
Oh my god the build Im going for requires 241 soul levels I am going to have to spend 20 years grinding
By Anonymous
just buy a good gaming chair
By Anonymous
This is simple addition why is this even a thing??