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Correct the description, you can't use it to restore HP, its only usage is to trade with crows, couldn't edit myself, errors -_-
I tried to trade with the crowd early on with the smooth stone at the beginning by the waterfall. I used it instead of trading it.
You can use it to regain HP but im not recommending it. I would rather die than using one of them
While in Drangelic Castle today, I wandered into the King's Gate bonfire and found an item just sitting right next to the bonfire, figuring I had not dropped anything recently, I was very concerned.

I picked it up and it was rubbish, I hadn't been invaded recently or anything, so maybe the drift items mechanic slipped into DS2 without anyone noticing??
Ds2 is dying its ok but why i cant invade when i see a lot phantoms with sl 150 and 200 too and also see waiting for duel phantoms but i just wait and wait and WAIT!! Why?:/
You have to Reeeeeally want it!!



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So is there an algorithm for what you get from the Birds with the Silky Stone


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The rarer the item your give, the more likely you are to get a rare item. It goes Prism Stone < Small Silky Stone < Silky Stone < Petrified Something. You could still potentially get a Demon's Great Hammer with a prism stone and a fading soul with a Petrified Something, however.
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