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It should also be mentioned that Felkin drops this staff when killed. I accidentally overlooked needing it to finish Navlaan's quest, and sold the other two mentioned on this page.
i talked to him with both inteligence and faith +20 in SOTFS and he didnt give me *****.
did u buy a hex from Him? and make sure to exhaust the dialogue
I've literally talked to him with the stats and gotten the staff with about 40 different characters so unless you corrupted the game somehow it should work
thanks fromsoft
Welp. Turns out I left my other staff on the item box way before I realized it... Now Felkin's dead needlesly. Goddamit.
I like this staff because you can get it early as a Sorcerer or Cleric(and FAR earlier then Witchtree Branch), and it holds its own the entire game against most enemies. Only downside I can note is the slow cast speed, but a bit of investment in the right gear/stats will make up for that pratfall.