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By Anonymous
"use an illusory ring"
On every weapon page as if it's an easy feat.
By Anonymous
It's really weird that use a catalyst to buff this sword and them cast magic with it does more damage than cast with the catalyst itself
By Anonymous
What farming method would you suggest? early moonlight gs + farm blue flame from the red guy or wait until undead crypt?
By Anonymous
Just wait until the Undead Crypt, sure it's much later, but you aren't pushing an area heavily into NG+ trying to obtain it.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Nope i got 2 in same cycle no aestetic.
By sirgoulas
The 110 (10% extra) damage stat when you hit someone mid animation applies for spells as well cast from blue flame.
By Anonymous
1 int soulspear.
That will be all.
By Anonymous
10/10 weapon for a sorcerer along with Moonlight GS.
By Anonymous
Anyone knows about bleed and the effectiveness of sourceri casting.
In game the scaling >BB< of magic infusion.
I have 64 int
Dmg is the same but + the bleeding dmg.
By Anonymous
Actually it's true, just why would you use bleed infusion when you can go magic since you have 64 int...
By Anonymous
Going to do a NG+ no bonfire run with this weapon, the disc chime, the old iron king’s crown, the repair sorcery, and heal. Wish me luck.
By Anonymous
How’d it go?