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Fromsoftware ha confermato l'arrivo di altri ben 3 DLC(downloadable content) per Dark Souls 2 titolo di cui abbiamo sentito parlare molto ultimamente, dopo il successo dei primi due DLC e il restante terzo, abbiamo avuto la possibilità di intervistare un componente di FromSoftware che ha confermato l'arrivo di altri DLC nel prossimo anno.
Speriamo sia una vera notizia e non un classico troll di fromsoftware.
Cheers :D
Bravo sei un grande anche se hanno trollato come infami
English dumbass
per questo dark souls non credo che ci siano altre DLC

For this dark souls i don't think there will be more DLC
the fact 2-3 ppl have given this guy/girl***** for not speaking English is just sad, you have google translate use it instead of beings c*ckheads
Really where on the site does it say comments have to be left in English it doesn't so quite being rude pricks to the person get off your lazy asses and use translate
I bought Scholar of the First Sin on 360, downloaded some sort of update from the second disc (required, as I couldn't play the game without it), and have started up numerous characters, all of which beginning with the Dragon Talon, Frozen Flower and Heavy Iron Key.
If I buy scholar of the first sin, will I have to start a new game?
no I just download it a few mins ago & my save from earlier from the non scholar version is there from me to use.
(I'm on ps3 btw)
yes. you will.
What if I buy them individually? My friend says you can still use your previous game data
So my scholar of the first sin give the dlc key at the start and that's it. I beat the game, nothing changes, everything is the same as the original include items, monsters, etc. Any idea why?
Did you make a new character that might fix the problem
tis late but you're on a ps3 or xbox 360. The changes only apply to PS4, XbONE, and PC. I'm on ps3 and i got the keys at the start.
You have to enter the shrines in order to get to the dlc areas
I defeated Nashandra in normal mode, went back to Majula and didn't enter NG+ yet. Can I still purchase DLCs to get crowns and still bring them to Vendrick? Or it only works before I finished Nashandra?
I think it would still work, but you would miss out on the "final" "boss" that's added with all of the DLC completed. The crowns DO lose the use that Vendrick gives them when you go into NG+ though.
All DLCs only increase the enemy's power and place more red ones. ranged weapons are often quite weak when used with bosses, even if NG ++, you will not be stronger than bosses. Bosses are usually fast and powerful, but you don't. ('0')