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By Anurabis
The "Hints and Tips" section says that the stone soldiers do not despawn however that is incorrect as they do despawn and for example already did in my game
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By SlimeC0RE
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It only concerns those at King's Gate, since there are 2 golems, and the doors need work the same way as golems do, so if you ran out of mobs to kill, then you would be stuck in the game.

Just to be exteemely precise, it's at the first bonfire when you enter Dramgleic's Castle, and it you take the opposite way, you can go to the Throne of Want.
By Anonymous
can never get it to drop. feelsbad
By Anonymous
Horace's shield from DS3
By Anonymous
no sh*t this game predates ds3 you ER/DS3 hype train jumpers
By Anonymous
"best of all"
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I reeeeally don't like how you hold this shield, especially since it seems to have a leather strap instead of actual handle for... well, it's handle.
By Anonymous
Does this still have the higher parry frames that small shields usually have?