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How many souls can I get if I wear the full set plus the Silver Coventus ring +1, also are the gloves from the jester set better than the gloves from this set?
Look at the notes of the site from the ring
full set increases souls gain by 25%
covetous ring adds 10% increase / ring +1 - 20% increase / ring +2 - 30% increase
Late reply but for anyone who stumbles upon this and wonders the same question, the tseldora cap=2.5% chest=5% legs=5% arms=10% therefore jester and tseldora arms give same bonus (10%).
it is multiplicative.
so full set would give : 105*105*110*102.5 % gain.
so about 24%

replacing the hood and robes with nahr alma should increase it a bit (to 33% : 1.05*1.105*1.1*1.1)
then multiply depending on which silver ring you use
Does the soul income benefit advance with upgrades?
Sadly, no
Full set isn't dropped by maughlin....
After you kill him, buy it off of the hag merchant lady
what are you talking about? I always get it when he dies
Does upgrading this set affect the soul bonus? Seems pointless to upgrade if not.
No, it only affects the armours stats which are defence and resistances, the bonus that the armor gives is just an added extra.
''Armor sets do not provide specific benefits...''
''Pieces of the set increase soul income''
wich means that you do not get benefits from equiping multiple pieces of the same set, but some pieces might have an effect on their own, i know you know and i know their phrasing is weird, the author probably thought everyone is used to set bonus with so many Rpgs using this mechanic
"it's great for farming" -Stalin
yeah now i can be a nigerian prince!
For some reason Maughlin dropped every set piece APART from the legs. I've searched throughout my inventory and haven't sold or discarded anything. They simply aren't there.


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Frick, why does the set have to be on Maughlin of all people. Fashion souls, people!