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It might not be very efficient, but if you daul-wielded 2 Dragon Parmas with the other max discovery items wouldn't that make it the potentially highest discov. set?
I think that if you put one shield/weapon away that has some sort of effect, it will temporarily lose that effect...
Since you can't stack the serpent rings, I would guess that probably won't work.
It should .. u cannot wear both gold serpent rings and yea


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I'm sorry but can you post up info how you came up with this info etc. allot of people are going to be EXTREMLY skeptical of all your info period without backing of the codes and work you're doing.
Actually, it can kind of make sense. I do not know if it's true or not, but still. You roll from 1 to 10k, and if the number you get is LOWER or equal than the threshold for a certain item from the drop list, you get it, so it goes from highest threshold (e.g. 2000), to lowest (e.g. 200). The easiest one to get is obviously the one at 2k, since a 10k roller averages around 5k. It really hard to get a roll of 500 or lower, therefore, it's hard to get those last tier items.
omg, this makes no sense at all
stop posting bs like this directly on Wiki, find some forum like "St. Clause is real" to test your theories first
Final Counts - NG farming the old knights in Heide's Tower of Flame (The ones between the Heide's Ruin Bonfire and the Dragonrider/Old Dragonslayer boss gates. 6 Sword and Shield and 3 Greatsword Knights in total) until none of them respawned anymore. 22 Cracked Blue Orbs, 10 palestone, 1 Old Knight Helm, 1 Old Knight Armor, and 1 Old Knight Greatsword.


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^ Not exactly. Like I said in the previous comment (it's mine, I just forgot to log in). basic math tells you the average roll is close to the middle of the interval (e.g 5k with the 10k roller). Of course, in theory you have the same interval length for each item, but distribution is also a thing, and it does NOT like the limits of the roller :D (Meaning you'll almost never get a 1 or a 10 000 roll)

So the *Probability* is NOT equal, the *Interval length* IS.That's why items needing a roll of 500 or less are hard to get.
Read calculation description fully. You have your item discovery. If random number 0-10000 is lower than your item discovery, than you get drop. Item index is defined by this random number you have. So the higher random the higher item index you get. So you have same probability for all items.
Trainers will remove you game key from online player pool, use at your own risk or if you don't want multiplayer.
I´have the Feeling dropchance depends on Soul Level in relation to the mob.. the easier you kill him possibly the less it Drops least I sense that for titanite
If this was true, then the knights in Heide's Tower of Flame should drop their weapon as often as they do the cracked blue orb or palestone. An hour into grinding the knights and I have 10 blue orbs, 6 palestone, and no greatsword (Only one piece of the knights armor set as well, so we can rule out that the sword is drawn from a collective 'pool' of old knight equipment). From this I can safely say that at minimum the claim that 'items have the same drop rate' is utter bull*****.
or maybe the game Status... kill the Oger before beating the giant in the forrest or aftet seems to make a difference. At the oment I try to farm the Flexile Sentry in Sinners Rise, the Sinner is down...The Sentry drops nothing.....


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Or rather, harder to get than the rest.
this is very convoluted and obscure. can somebody who's first language is English rewrite this please?
The article seems to be contradictory about equal probability for all items in drop list. Each "step" in the enemy-specific formula seems to be simply an entry in the enemy's drop list. Since base values in such lists seem to differ between entries, so of course probabilities do also. So, in the example with 1 to 8 steps, it seems that item #1 drops at probability (150+addition)/10 000 and drop #7 at probability (700+addition)/10000. If addition=100, it would mean that drop #7 (8.0%) is more than three times as likely to drop as drop #1 (2.5%).
Being a sinner has no effect on item discovery anywhere in the world plus two parmas is extremely unconventional and would make the farming task a lot more tedious
You could just poison the enemy and swap to a main-hand parma once it gets to low health. That'd make it pretty easy, depending on what you're farming.
I also found from farming bonfire astetics that you lose a lot of your percentage of loot drop if you are lower on health. Tried with the symbol and compared with the jester and found a much higher drop rate with the jester cap so check your facts a little better n get out into the world of Dark Souls
Yeah lemme just take your word for it.
"so check your facts a little better n get out into the world of Dark Souls" was totally unnecessary
Not only are you completely wrong , but you're an arrogant prick too
Can you stack 6 Watchdragon Parmas?
It only counts the item if you're currently holding it in your hands. You might be able to stack 2.
Sorry, but that's just not the max. Add in the Jester's cap and you get 50 more item discovery
You *****ing moron he said with the mimic helmet as well.
ur mother*****ing
I wonder if you could equip two parma's, and use a desired weapon to fight something, and when it dies quickly switch to the shield. Then, you could have two active. I know this works when you want to get souls out of certain things like bosses, and Invaders, so I wonder if it would work on farming to. Kill something, and quickly switch to the shield. Potentially, you could get a higher drop rate.



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Sadly no, if I remember correctly they have it set up to calculate the item discovery/random number immediately after it dies. The only reasons they have it different for bosses is because of the potential to gain massive amounts of souls from one boss by switching gear.
Sometimes I see multiple drops, how does this work with this equation?
IIRC, when that happens you will actually get multiple items in a single drop. It's pretty clear that a "drop" can contain any number of items since you sometimes find entire armor sets at once, but I don't think I've ever seen an NPC drop more than one of those glowing lights. So, just theorizing but probably they simply have those items listed as a single drop.
technically speaking you could get more than that amount by killing enemies with poison. IE equiping a parma in both hands, poisoning an enemy, then before it dies from poison swap to have a parma in both hands.
Or use items so you can still have the parmas still in each hand