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By nQL
Why is this category called Piercing Swords in the wiki? It's refered to as Thrusting Swords in-game afterall.
By nQL
I don't quite understand what redirection problems you're talking about, the way I see it the only page name that would have to be changed is 'piercing swords' to 'thrusting swords' and it should be possible to create forwarding the way that works right now. So even if some of the links aren't changed, you're still going to end up at the right page, or am I getting something wrong?
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By Fexelea
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Because that's what they were known as in the DKS1 Wiki: and when we made the tables it was taken as it was. We can change the name now but it would probably create some redirection problems we will have to fix manually in each page... and not sure it's worth it. Thoughs?
By Anonymous
The Chaos Rapier is also sold by Felkin the Outcast for 7500 souls in SOTFS.
By Anonymous
Imagine being a tryhard
By Anonymous
Imagine being salty you lost to a rapier
By Anonymous
lol imagine not knowing how to parry a rapier
By Anonymous
lol imagine playing pvp
By Anonymous
Why are the comments in here full of ****
By Anonymous
How do you counter these stupid things? They swing faster and hit harder than my UGS. And to top it off they sometimes get 3 hit combos with enough lag. RIP Ds2 having the best PvP of the series
By Anonymous
There's a tiny thing called "parrying".
By Anonymous
Well like someone else said, learn to parry. Doesnt matter what weapon, they all have a parry if two handed, or you can use a shield. You can also infuse your weapons with elements like fire or dark to maximize your ATK dmg. Make sure to level your stats according to what weapon you're using. In most cases if a rapier or other thrusting sword is doing more damage than your UG, its because you havent upgraded it, or you arent allocating your points into using it.
By Anonymous
Hey there, it's me, the one guy who won't see anyone who replies to this because they already 100%'d the game. Just here to tell you: Rapiers are the absolute best in any videogame even if their stats suck because they just look so ****ing elegant. Goodbye, and stay cool!
By Anonymous
kinda silly
By Anonymous
"Piercing Swords can also be used to parry when equipped on the left hand." I thought all weapons could be used to parry.
By Anonymous
something weapons dont have parry , santier spear sir alone katane
By Anonymous
Which one is better: Estoc, Mail Breaker or Rapier?
By Anonymous
mail Breaker is the worst, rapier vs estoc is suprisingly stat dependant,
STR Estoc, DEX Rapier, both have a B Scaling at +10
By Anonymous
I don't see a reason to use thrusting weapons, do you?
By A_Call_Beyond
Everything that does a thrust attack is absolute god tier in DS2. It is just that good