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I found one while farming mastadons for their equips at the castle. The two right at the entrance dropped it for me. Pc.


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Those are primal knights
After patch 1.08 the weapon dmg after mundane is 30+ not half.

Another exception.
When you take item to blacksmith a go to choose mundane it shows base damage being cut in half
It's weaker with Mundane instead of Raw, as of the latest patch. Mundane is better suited for weapons that are weak in general, like a Knife, or any weapon that has low base damage to begin with.
Can confirm that Dyna and Tillo will drop Old Mundane Stone (as of SotFS).
Yes, dont know the chances but i knoow its common
Rip LobosJr ^^
are there any weapons especially good with mundane infusion?
I've been looking into it. Looks like all of the weapons that used to be completely broken with this (twinblades, Avelynn, daggers, etc.) got nerfed back to merely decent levels at best. A Mundane Ladle is actually halfway decent since it keeps the scaling damage even after it breaks, but is mostly only good for a laugh.
So this is basically the best upgrade path if you're SL 838?



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If you're somehow SL 838 and need advice on how to infuse stuff.... :P



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Not necessarily, not only does the damage hit a brick wall at 50's, it is also flat, meaning that for weapons (starting at greatswords) it isn't really worth making it mundane, and it is usually harmful past that level. For weapons that already lean toward another element heavily (moonlight greatsword, black knight weapons) it is best to infuse them with that. So this is best for fast weapons with low innate AR
Does it scale with the lowest of str/dex/int/fth or the lowest of all stats i.e. my 10 adaptability ?
You lowest stat. That being your 10 adaptability
Why do you only have ten of the best stat in the game.
Maybe he's good at dodging
No. I will not be tempted by the filthy casuals.
Hi zerolenny