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By Anonymous
From soft really nerfed the crap out of this ring. You could have two per play through, and could be repaired for 3000 souls each. Now you can only have one, and it costs 14,000 souls to repair.
By Anonymous
Base game has repair for 3k and 3 can be collected per playthrough
By Anonymous
Ok 14,000 souls?
By Anonymous
They really nerfed this rinng in SotFS It only cost 3000 souls to upgrade in Dark Souls 2 and you could have up to 3 of them
By Anonymous
does the ring break every time you die? i.e. does dying cost 14,000?
By Anonymous
I mean repair
By Anonymous
the devs really erfed the holy shoot out of this. it has only cost 3000 to repair and you could have 3 of them! now you only have one and it costs 14,000 to repair!
By Anonymous
Quit yer bitchin ***
By Anonymous
If the ring is broken, it can be repaired free at the magical pagan tree (if you own the dlc and have access to shulva).
By Anonymous
does this ring protect from Darksign loss?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Infinite farming at shaded woods. I think I have close to twenty so I'm always human and never lose souls. Also the cost of the dlc is worth it so just buy the original game to keep repair cost reasonable as these rings completely change the game.
By Anonymous
Is there a functional difference between this ring and the Ring of Soul Protection?
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By DarkLordAparat
Yes, The Ring Of Soul Protection Has The Added Benefit Of Making You Immune To One Bar Of Petrification But Breaking After That. They Both Cost The Same To Repair In SoTFS (14k Souls). Hope This Helps!
By Anonymous
Thank you for the information, I was wondering how effective the ring was and how long it lasts, whether it broke immediatly or not, now I don't have to try, thank you.
By HotPocky94
how do you get the rings in wharf and the woods? woods has it listed, but doesn't say how to get it, and wharf doesn't even list it
By Anonymous
If you're playing SotFS then those 2 are not available so you can only get the one from Velkin