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By Anonymous
fun boss
By Anonymous
literally get good and stop complaining anonymously on fextra.
By Anonymous
That's good advice. I would add to it to stop being an anonymous dik online. We have enough of those, and being able to beat the belfry gargoyles doesn't make you special.
By Anonymous
Good advice. Also, don't be a ****.
By Anonymous
He’s right. People are salty bc they couldn’t get gud
By Anonymous
Dude NG+ fight is not even hard just powerstance two greatswords. What are you guys noobs or something?
By Anonymous
You know you can reply to comments right? Also you seem to have missed where that guy said he was level 10, so powerstancing 2 greatswords isnt even possible. Everything about your comment is stupid lmao.
By Anonymous
i did this at SL10 in NG+ difficultly for the ring so here's my advice:

it's about patience. the gargoyles wake up at certain health percentages, and NOT on a timer. this means you can be REALLY patient and only attack when you're sure it's safe. you might think an opening is safe and get hit by one of the 2-3 enemies attacking you, and it's really annoying, but trading hits can also be fine if you have the means to heal a lot.
By Anonymous
Personal opinion: this boss is easily the worst in the franchise (beat all souls games, I'm yet to finish ds2 sotfs but I'm close, still have like 5-8 bosses). This boss has now overtaken the number 1 spot for the **** boss in the franchise, previously occupied by Bed of Chaos. At least Bed of Chaos was "nice" enough to save your progress, unlike this atrocity and putridly designed boss fight. Thanks ds2 for another stinker, you never dissapoint
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
Seriously, this boss is actually really easy. Have you found the roll button yet?
By Anonymous
“Have you found the roll button yet.” Absolutely hysterical. Well done good sir. Seriously dude, this fight isn’t that bad. Mildly annoying. But c’mon dude. You’re way over selling it. Learn to roll, homie.
By Anonymous
Me who used to farm these bosses early game a long time ago when I was way worse at the game: oh, I didn’t know these bosses were supposed to be difficult. Maybe you just suck at the game.
By Anonymous
just use a high stability shield with good fire defense.
By Anonymous
Not many high stability shields available this part of the game
By Anonymous
Ladies and gentlemen, man-mode.
By Anonymous
Anyone have decent tips for this boss? (playing melee no summons)
By Anonymous
Honestly. The best tip is not knowing you have to fight like 8 of them. Just be patience, they have extremely predictable patterns.
By Anonymous
The "FULL MELEE PLAYBOOK"is bad and contraditory
By Anonymous
Wtf is man-mode?
By Anonymous
It's Man-Mode
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