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I found they also take some considerable damage from Dark attacks. So hexes or a Dark enchanted weapon will also help a lot.
gyrm shield and some lightning spears and these dudes are easy
Hey I'm on ps3 my name on it is HeavyCalibre if anybody that has beaten this boss could help me out I would appreciate it.
I just took them down solo with the Dark scythe + 8 only consumed 4 flasks. Lvl 114.
four of them comed to me I didn't kill any of them so I used one item and run away they are so *****ing strong
Get the craftsman's hammer from the workshop after killing McDuff. That thing does very good damage, dropping a gargoyle in 5 hits with 20 STR two handed +1.
You don't have to kill mcduff.. if you light that torch on the other side of the room he gets off the cgest
git gud
I can't beat those people (I'm a pyroscorcerer) is there a way to take them on one at a time?
git gud
i went for a jack of all trades build, so i had 21 in all stats, but 25 in dex and 30 str, so i don't think my build will be very helpful for you, but the other side of my build is upgrading a good, fast 1-handed weapon with okay reach to +10, then do the tried and true kite'n'heal.
didn't drop a ring in the SotFS version in NG, and i killed him first before finding any of the rings before the +2
its in ng+
I uses some darkpine resin on my longsword and it added 200 damage against the gargoyles, so I think theyre weak to it possibly
The wiki is wrong. You can bring Master less Glencoe into the fight on the PS4.


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You can summon him under a set of wooden stairs on the PS4 version.


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hey i just wanted to mention a bug for the wiki to put on the page,And that bug is:You know before the boss there is an NPC invader invades you if you killed it and the other bell keepers then you stand at the fog when it says on the screen(The bell keeper has returned to there world) the fog will disapper and the boss battle is gone (i have the pc edition so if you are in another edition and it didn't work try it on pc V1.01)
In the end, if the situation is that most of them fire without stopping and can not approach (if you are melee) use ranged attacks (spells, bows, etc.). They tend not to approach when they are low enough.
A) If you're melee, you probably don't have that many ranged options, much less good ones; your advice is terrible
B) If you can't get close, literally the only option is to use non-melee attacks, so your advice isn't just terrible, it's a moot point.

You may as well be saying that if someone's health gets low, they should look for an opportunity to heal, or if they want to start the game, they should press the start button, that's how worthless your advice is.
A) If you are exclusively melee is your choice but it is not versatile, there are several options that you ignore. your advice is terrible B) It Is possible to get close even in this situation, i gave a tip to those in trouble. so your advice isn't just terrible, it's a moot point. When you play the game, maybe you can understand a little more, but that's how worthless your advice is.
Yeah if you are trash.
Weak against Lightning