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might want to recheck i got the drop and there was no binoculars. they might of changed it in a patch
just went there... they where on there :D ... you guys check your version of the game maybe or just delog and relog. Bugs happen :P



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sii no goggles
Never that was there thank you. The video helped alot.
Why do you need binochulors to aim spells it is stupid if someone wants to play without the help from internet he will never find them


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One, don't call something stupid when you misspell the very word this entire page is based off of. Two, anyone can find those binoculars by simply being a bit adventurous and exploring (like I did). Three, most spells can shoot farther than the lock-on distance. You need the binoculars to get any kind of long-range accuracy or in areas where lock-on doesn't work well, such as curving passages where lock on would have you shoot into a wall when you want to hit the enemy's exposed shoulder, or to hit one of the sitting/slumbering/dangling enemies that lock on doesn't trigger onto except at very close ranges. Four, good luck aiming nearly straight up or straight down without them to hit very high/low enemies. Someone good at manually aiming spells with the binoculars can make many, many very tough enemies downright trivial.
>tfw ive missed these on every single playthrough ive ever done
but can i power stance 2 of them?
OHK'd a level 200 invader with a GLS headshot once, poor guy barely even finished his summon animation
There seems to be some kind of sprinting speed exploit with using binoculars in the non-SotFS version. Theres a speedrun on youtube where the player runs extremely fast barely using any stamina after using the binoculars to zoom in quickly.
The only souls game with realistic binocular physics
(seriously, why does it take a whole year to use them in the other two games?)