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By Legal_Eagle
I used a bonfire ascetic on Sinner's Rise to make it level 2, and the pyromancers did spawn. Also I was playing SOTFS.
By desitjant
I fought the Lost Sinner using a Lightning Heide Spear +9, which seemed to work well enough, but my Lightning Spear miracles were doing negligible damage... 50 to 80 per cast or thereabouts. Anyone else have a similar experience?
By Anonymous
Okay, just killed her right now without estus :P (3rd try) Tip: Put your shield up and get at her back. 1 or 2 strikes. Regenerate stamina. Repeat. Win.
By Anonymous
If you're really having a hard time (for those who still play this game), try and use the Sunlight Spear with a strong chime for miracles. (Ex. DragonChime w/Lightning Infuse)
By Hummus
Using miracles on this boss woupdent be wise espically when your exposed while casting those spears . I cannot say the Sam for spear I fought her using dual shield and red eye ring .
By Anonymous
I fought Her once on NG+....It seems the Lost Sinner has a sort of Magic Weakness.... I was using a Crystal Magic Weapon Buffed +10 Uchigatina to fight her, and it did a great deal of damage to her per swing.
By Anonymous
Or just you know.. Circle around her lol she easily one of the easiest to beat
By Anonymous
Try using moonlight greatsword maxed out with black witch staff with Crystal soul spear and soul greatsword
By Anonymous
Or just you know.. Circle around her lol she easily one of the easiest to beat
By Anarchic
Let Lucatiel do some of the work if you brought her.
By Anonymous
Nah Fextralife was just wrong, you know, like always
By Anarchic
When I faced her, I blocked most of her attacks and this was the shield I used. I did not reinforce it. I did not enchant it. It was just a normal shield but it took the hits and kept on trucking. I also floated like a butterfly and stung like a scorpion with my Heide Knight Sword.
By Anonymous
Recieved 40500 souls with covetous silver serpent ring +1 first encounter. SotFS xb1. Both offline phantoms summoned. Sellsword died before winning, other survived.
By Anonymous
So what I did was I put on the red eye ring And Tanked all of the damage with my drangleic Shield Lucatiel was doing all the damage and she had health the size of my Teachers wart And I Turned My back for one Second and poof I'm dead So moral Let NPC do it BUT NEVER turn you're back on The Sinner
By Anonymous
Iron parma? What the hell, I'd get smashed before I even enter the fog gate
By Anonymous
Is that supposed to be a Judas Priest reference?
By Anarchic
I tanked her hits with my completely normal Iron Parma.
By Anonymous
lol you're terrible
By Anonymous
Is the old witch soul farmable with ascetics too?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
yes, but I recommend farming the old iron king, as he drops more souls (the most if you consume his souls actually) , is easier to beat, and has a bonfire right next to him.
By aust3378
Are there any other weaknesses to know about?
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By Fexelea
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You can summon Lucatiel to help you, and light the fires before the room. After that, it's mostly a matter of knowing when to attack, when to dodge and when to block. Is there a specific problem you are having?
By balex2ro
So after a ton of wiping on this guy on ascetic +1 around lvl 75 (SL ~500k), i was able to get him down. Here's my experience- Hardest part was clearing the way, I've ended up resetting it about 11-12 times until the trash disappeared (except the Flexile Sentry).- You can bait the big Undead Aberrations to fall into the elevator pit (if you send the elevator back up once you're down) for easy souls and a chance at Chaos Rapier/Shield- Beware of the two exploding guys at the stairs (an additional red one on NG+)- Once only the Flexile Sentry is left, summon Lucatiel and run on the right side thru the hole in the wall till you get to Luet and ignore the Sentry- Make sure you light the fires, the two red guards wont attack if you dont get too close- PS4 SOTFS Redeye Ring didn't seem to get him off Lucatiel too much, actually got a bit in the way since the NPCs do weak damage against the Sinner- Upgraded Drangleic sword to +3, you need your best damage weapon- Lucatiel takes a lot of damage, so is Luet- You need to dish out as much damage as possible before Lucatiel and Luet die so you got some distraction during the adds phase- Focus on the adds asap, Luet has the Redeye Ring and seems to hold aggro pretty well- Most likely you will end up with soloing the Sinner at around 50-40% after the adds are dead- BE PATIENT, use a shield (Drangleic in my case), block a few hits, dodge a few and just hit ONCE when you're sure there's a window (my +3 Drangleic sword does 169 damage per normal attack)- Never run out of stamina, at my SL he would 1 shot me if i couldn't block so make sure you hit him only once, don't get greedy- On some attacks i got staggered due to low stamina, roll out of the way asap in that case, normally he wont do a quick attack after a heavy- Enjoy your fire weapon
By Anonymous
You only have to kill the exploding guys, everyone else can be run past.
By Anonymous
Didn't even need any strategies listed here. Only wanted to know if it was weak to Magic/Poison so I could applying resin to my weapons. Thanks for nothing
By Anonymous
same just came to see what the weaknesses were and they werent there made me sad to my bones
By Anonymous
Same here xDDD
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