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By Anonymous
I'm about to **** all over this boss with my 40 DEX and +10 Rapier
By Anonymous
This boss can be a nightmare if you are underpowered for it, he's tanky and he delays his attacks in weird ways, besides that if you have the right adp and damage it's a pretty easy boss
By Anonymous
I think my high ADP might have something to do with how easy this was for me. I was able to roll through most attacks even though they felt like they should have hit. Did a ton of damage whenever they connected though.
By Anonymous
"Since his atacks are very slow"?! WTF? Are we talking about the same boss? He perfectly locks on you and has also quite the range. Difficult af.
By Anonymous
If Nito was made up of zombies and not skeletons...
By Anonymous
For anyone still trying to complete her questline. Make sure you kill any of the Darksuckers in close proximity. While doing another playthrough of DS2 I always try to complete her questline, the loss of souls didn't bother me. But I found out that she obsessively attacks the Darksuckers hiding in the Tar which seems to be useless because they don't aggro from her presence. This resulted her being stuck in combat outside the fog gate.
By Anonymous
"her questline". As if we could read your mind. After reading enough of your comment I knew you meant Lucatiel, but it's stupid to assume we knew what you meant from the start.
By Anonymous
Lucatiel died by poison outside the boss fog wall as soon as i killed the boss so idk if it counts to her quest :(
By Anonymous
Wait a minute is he weak to/take more damage from old whip? He is hollow right? Can someone comfirm pls?
By Anonymous
Yes he does take more damage
By Anonymous
My reaction when I first walked through the fog gate and saw the cutscene was just me screaming “nope” at the game while I ran around the arena, then I got my bearings and it was a pretty easy fight
By Anonymous
Should I try using a bonfire ascetic to get the Crypt Blacksword? Probably would fail lots though...
By Anonymous
It's a very good sword but it probably depends on your build. Casters have an easier time with him if they use AoE.
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