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Even for a ghost, I still find it creepy that he finds out that you killed the Giant King in a dead giant's memories, which can only be accessed by an item the Ancient Dragon gives you.
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The Castle Drangleic page says Wellager sells in game apples. What the hell are they talking about??
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I have a question. Why does Welager sell only in NG+2? And i am not here to whine about it, just out of curiosity. Is it because he is out of the reach of the King's Gate bonfire, or does he check only for the NG cycle you are in? (For example the two red phantoms that appear in the grave of saints in NG+ can't be summoned with an Ascetic because they are too far away from the Rat Vanguard bonfire and the Upper Gutter bonfire)
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I'm pretty sure it's just a way to make it possible to get them after servers shut down, since those items are supposed to be rewards for maxing out covenant rankings.
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He sells Old Radiant Lifegems, not regular Radiant Lifegems.
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Anyone know if once you get to ng++ and he sells the stuff, if you buy it all from him can you use an ascetic to reset his inventory and buy it a second time?
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By Blasphemy_Inferno
Hello, I will be trying to fix some of the mistakes on these articles based on the comments
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First things first, what does it mean in the intro where it says Wellager sells in game apples???
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29 Nov: Right??? It's been bugging me all day.