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I defeated the watcher and defender and also obtained the giant lord soul, but he still will not give me the llewellyn set. Any ideas?
It seems i have to complete all dialogues but it doesn't work he gave me only 2 weapons
Lol me too
to get llewellyin set you need to have giant kinship from killing the big giant in the memory from what i heard
And the drop rate of the stone mobs is too ***** low :-|
to get llewellyin set you need to have giant kinship from killing the big giant in the memory from what i heard
I think he only gives the armor in the scholar of the first sin version.
Using Bonfire Ascetics in NG does not allow you to purchase the NG++ spells from this NPC.
thanks, was wondering about this.
This is wrong, he gives us the Llewellyn set alongside with the Royal Dirk and Espada Ropera when you talk to him after defeating the last giant (in SOTFS version)
Thanks. I don't have SotFS and was trying to figure out why he wasn't giving me the Llewellyn set.
he should sell "hidden weapon"...
Hidden Weapon is easily farmed offline. A matter of ~2 hours based on your spawn luck.

1. Teleport to Belfry Sol Bonfire
2. Kill *all* mobs in Belfry Sol often enought so they no longer respawn
3. Teleport to the Seconds Iron Keep Bonfire (after Smelter Demon)
4. Run across the bridge (the one that the turtle smashes) and again kill all mobs in his area often enough so they no longer respawn. Dont forget the archer on the very top of the room (can be seen & shot through lttice bars from Belfry sol Bonfire)
5. Equip a Chime and the Miracle "Unveil" (If necessary equip Ring of Prayer or use spices)
6. Rest at Bonfire, cast miracle, see where the Eye goes. If it just flies up like a hot air balloon, rest again. If it flies sideways it means that it has spotted the Mad Warrior.

At first this might seem like a waster of time because clearing the rooms takes like 20-30 minutes but believe me when I say I had like 10+ rests without a warrior spawn several times. With this technique it takes like 4 seconds to check if the warrior is here or not, without it you need to waste like 30+ seconds every time.

Including the clearing of the rooms it took me about 2-3 hours until I got Hidden weapon. started with 0 kills.
I played through Dark Souls II then ran through NG+ on PS3 did everything except start NG++. I imported my NG+ save to Dark Souls II SOTFS then started NG++. Made it all the way to Chancellor Wellager and he won't sell me the damn NG++ items. Anyone know if this is a glitch that you have to do 3 playthroughs on SOTFS or what? I have the King's Ultra Greatsword and the King's Mirror and have not killed Vendrick yet on this playthrough for the Ruler's Sword, so there is no way I am mistaken on what playthrough I am on.
I don't understand how this work I went to NG++ but nothing happen too, I used Bonefire Ascetic, is that right?
Kill the giant lord
No, you need to be on actual NG++. Not using an ascetic.
He doesn't sell any weapons other than the Flamberge and Lucerne for me. He sells everything else. What did I do?
After you kill the Giant Lord he sells you the espada ropera and gives you the set


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Is anyone interested do some Sunbro Co-op? I play on both PC (SOTFS) and on PS3 (Vanilla). I have several characters in different levels, from low ones till 17 million soul memory. My nick on PC is: King_Havel And on PS3 is: Dastiefeleid666 Praise the Sun! \o/


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I'd be down. PC: thewombatofdoom Working on my sunbro teir 3
Well, i can do some co-op on ps3 with you if thats ok. Thats my ID: ImJustNorberto
still searching?


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So apparently using two ascetics will crank up the area to NG++ (on base NG I used one and the twin pursuers showed up) but it doesn't get him to sell the weapons or spells. So I fought the throne duo, Nashandra, and Aldia on NG+ for nothing...
You must be in actual NG++ so you have to beat the game twice and on the third run he sells them
I'm so glad this guy sells some of the covenant rank items. ng++ is way more doable than arena