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By Anonymous
Punished Mage: Penal mask, Black hollow mage robe, classic pyromancer manchettes, Vengarl's boots.
By Anonymous
Sets missing : Loyce, Charred Loyce, Ivory King and Fume Sorcerer
By Anonymous
Really cool looking combination i tend to use: Penal mask, Raime's armor, Executioner's gloves, And Executioner's Leggings (the mask fits very well in my long-haired blonde male character, it may not look as cool with some hairstyles tho). I also believe that the Berseker blade is one of the weapons that best fits this combination.
By Anonymous
dark souls 2 is a game
By Anonymous
Ds2 is a game defined by these things: Plastic Graphics, Clunky Animation, Eh Lore, Good Weapon Variety, Good Pvp Combat, Okay pvp balance, Bad Soul Memory, Bad Online Rewards, No full eye orbs, Okay Bosses, Okay'ish level design, and Creative Characters. The gameplay (pve and pvp) makes up for the other things.
By Anonymous
DS2 has the best lore out of the entire dark souls trilogy
By Anonymous
Dark souls 2 is an iconic game that does not deserve the hate. The bosses are amazing and the game play is really fun. Idk why people hate on it so much.
By Anonymous
thats why you need to make your opinion by yourself
By Anonymous
Don’t listen to the negative comments guys. The things people are saying are so objectively wrong that I bet they haven’t even played the game. The vast majority of these people don’t even realise that their criticisms are entirely subjective. Like “ds2 doesn’t even feel like a real souls game” is not a valid argument and isn’t even true. seriously? THIS game doesn’t feel like a real souls game? Not ds3, elden ring and bloodborne? Those 3 games are so far from what souls used to be that don’t even fit under the souls like category anymore.
By Anonymous
Now here’s someone I can agree with
By Anonymous
What is he smoking? I want some too
By Anonymous
I think he is smoking realism, it’s good stuff I hear.
By Anonymous
Not really negative, just different. I still think that DS2 got different feels and atmosphere from usual Miyazaki's work, dunno why. But it is a good game tho
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