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Play offline if invasions bother you or alternatively, if you want to play online with a friend, tell them to use the soapstone outside the boss room, then pop your effigy there. The PVE in this game is dirt easy due to lifegems. Oh and most importantly, don´t be scummy by first having a normal duel with the invador and then disconnecting right before you get killed. This happens waaaaayyyy to much from my experience.
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By Anonymous
I didn't invite you in my world, i am not gonna let you have fun at the price of my own fun.
By Anonymous
Found the salty invader
By Anonymous
Can you get softbanned for save-scumming? Not doing anything too game breaking, just hate the Soul Memory system that much.
By Anonymous
no, you can dupe items and roll saves back, or use Speedsouls save manager and it's all fine, just some things like mods and illegal items can get you banned.
By Anonymous
false info on the banning(at least in my experience) i dont have an option to go offline in Sotfs, so i alt f4 anytime i get a player invader(cause you cant really stop the npc invaders from coming). never got softbanned ever. Although i would prefer a softban so i dont get invaded by players.
By Anonymous
You can play offline very easily
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