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By Anonymous
No humanity loss and souls from pvp and it would be perfectly fine for everyone.
By Anonymous
For real, the forced PvP wouldn't be such a big bummer for everyone if the host didn't lose anything from losing. If you want lore it would be something like "You got killed by someone from another time, and you got reverted back into your own time after getting killed because of the warp". Not the best, but I ain't a good writer lol.
By Anonymous
Wouldn't even care about getting my souls back, the hollowing annoys me the most
By Anonymous
Oh look! Got invaded 6 times in a row by the same guy. In the same place. Fine, getting attacked once a while is okay but come on, same a**hole that keeps spamming orbs to invade?
By Anonymous
Yes, I purposefully disconnect away from invaders
No, I don't have infinite human effigies to waste on not getting invaded nor do I want to waste my time farming them, neither do I want to play offline as I very much like coop and messages

Excuse me for not wanting to deal with laggy reddies who teleport to my back without taking any damage from slashes that clearly hit them

Dark Souls 3 is good at pvp, in this game its just annoying as ****
By Anonymous
Play offline or suck it up. Quit being a weakling coward.

Morons like you are scum
By Anonymous
Found a virgin in the replies
By Anonymous
first replier is so much of a nerd its funny, I can hear his nasal voice through the screen
By Anonymous
Ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves a Coward, You can't have just one way. Game doesn't work that way buddy
Learn to repel invaders, Trust me when I say it's worth it
By Anonymous
imagine defending a broken game
By Anonymous
Its okay you're allowed to play the game only as a co-op
Most people disagree but I think think its perfectly valid to play through the game like this
By Anonymous
If it's so much of a problem that they teleport to your back just wear the jester top
By Anonymous
i was with you until you praised ds3 pvp lol. gank squads, people rolling around instead of fighting, overused gestures.
By Anonymous
then play dragons dogma

you will have more fun, and not waste the invaders limited orbs
or just... learn pvp?
By Anonymous
People talking about cowards, weaklings, scum......for **** sake its a videogame, get therapy for your insecurity and anger issues
By Anonymous
Git gud and learn to fight
By Anonymous
I'm glad you angered these nerds. Dark Souls multiplayer is wonderful, on paper. In reality the majority of invaders are cheating trolls and thus all becomes fair in defending yourself.
By Anonymous
I would be fine with invasions if DS was making sure that players are of similar skill level and similar type of build (pvp/PvE)
By Anonymous
Yup, I will continue to disconnect when I’m invaded. Have been doing it for 8+ years. Suck it, invaders!
By Anonymous
What scummy game design, not putting a "Play Offline" option in-game and then penalizing players who don't feel like getting invaded in a half-decade old game. I don't even mind the occasional invasion, but I've gotten at least 30 in the last day of playing in Iron Keep, and it happens so fast it's almost entirely unacceptable. If FromSoft puts anything remotely like this in Elden Ring, I hope they lose the rights to all their major series...
By Anonymous
burn a human effigy, dumbass
By Anonymous
Just start the game while disconnected to the internet, initiate offline mode to play, then alt tab out and reconnect if you want to run youtube or spotify in the background etc. there, problem solved.
Also, I don't understand how peeps can get frustrated by invasions after the first few play-throughs. Once you've beaten the game a few times, getting trolled by invaders breaks the monotony a bit at least.
By Anonymous
It’s literally on the main menu, you colossal dipshit
By Anonymous
Don't be human
By Anonymous
this feels like a troll post
By Anonymous
what counts as an illegal disconnect
By Anonymous
Disconnecting while being invaded
By Anonymous
Correction to the previous person's comment, being invaded OR while connected to someone else in game...

I just got banned because I have internet issues and keep disconnecting while playing with my bf. I have no interest in playing through this alone so it really sucks.
By Anonymous
Using the engraved ring or password system in DS3 bypasses poor connectivity issues. This way, people you know can still play with you, and the game can assure that others aren't being affected by your connection.
By Anonymous
I know disconnecting is scummy, but wouldn't a 24 hour softban make more sense than this convoluted crap? Illegal disconnecters are the least of my concerns in PvP, and usually end with me being relieved that the host wasn't using cheat engine to break all my gear (not to mention that those joyless losers who hack never seem to get banned)
By Anonymous
Hackers aren't an issue on console like on PC, but on PC you also have more direct developer support than on console so they're more capable to help you if you contact them than a console player.
By Anonymous
It spawns at the point you appear at the start of the game. The Bone of Order will only spawn after you get banned for a second time. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit the spawn point after a first ban, you won’t receive another Bone of Order. After you get banned for a second time (and have to serve a suspension) the bone will spawn after about 10 hours. The first time you are banned you already have a bone of order, so that is a warning. The second time you get banned, you have to serve a suspension because you haven’t got a bone of order. After the in-game waiting period of about 10 hours another will spawn and you will be able to use it so that you can start multi-playing again.
By Anonymous
Where exactly is this supposed to regenerate to? The platform at Betwixt's beginning, or somewhere else? Also, I have the ps3 version of SotFS, since is it possible that it would appear only on ps4 SotFS? I know I've waited for it to appear at the platform and that I'm pretty sure that I've been playing without an "illegal" disconnect for 18 to 20 hrs since using my Bone.. Anyone got any legitimate advice (and no, I don't consider "Git Gud, scrub" to be a legitimate answer)
By Anonymous
It appears that ps3 players are SOL on getting another bone wether you got the vanilla or SotFS version. Waited at the Things Betwixt place for 48 hours online and no Bone... So guess ps3 players just get boned with no kiss first.
By Anonymous
So apparently this item doesn't appear again once you use the Bone the first time, no matter how long you wait online without DC, at least for the ps3 versions.
By Anonymous
Git Gud, scrub
By Anonymous
I mean, if you don't wanna get invaded, play offline. I've been guilty of PURPOSELY disconnecting, but on when the invader is trolling me and hiding or I gotta go to work. I don't coop so I don't think I've been banned even though I've done this a handful of times... so I 'think' it's fine if they're not soft banning after just a few disconnects, and a timer resets those every so 10hrs or so.... and if yor Internet is really that bad, maybe play offline?
By Complaintdesk
I doubt very much this game was designed to pander to belligerent, malicious gamers, who create near unkillable characters, solely for the purpose of griefing others. I have been invaded numerous times by players whose characters appear as nothing more than a near undiscernable wisp, or somehow manage to break all of my equipment without executing any visible form of attack. Recently one of the players I co-op with, after engaging with an invader, found the that some of the merchant NPC's in Majula had disappeared. With so many players using hack type exploits to create characters just to grief those of us who are actually trying to play the game as it was meant to be played, some form of alternative rather than punishment seems more appropriate.
By Anonymous
If I get invaded I disconnect. I don't care if I get banned. I play games to get away from my problems not engage with some ****** who invade me in the same area over and over. This is the only part of the game that I never understood.
By Anonymous
Stop playing it on PC, problem solved.
By Anonymous
What if they don’t have a console smartass
By Anonymous
I just love these kinds of people that think "I play games for fun and to relax" while not realizing that they have emotional issues if they are so annoyed by some troll that can be handled easily.
By Anonymous
Ah yes cause a min/max twink using a shotel or a literal cheater is "easy to handled". Dumbass.
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