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By Anonymous
Bueno para farmear con lo necesario
By Anonymous
Am I crazy or do they stop spawning after awhile? Like I've killed the first two you meet like 20 times and then they stopped spawning
By Anonymous
The game has a limit on how many times an enemy spawns, generally between 9-12 but it varies depending of the enemy.
By Anonymous
dude if you joined covenant of champions they respawn forever
By Anonymous
Yes they do stop spawning after killing them so many times, all of the enemies in DS2 do this. Using a bonfire ascetic will bring them back. Alternatively you could join the company of champions covenant. It will make them respawn indefinitely but they also do more damage, have more HP, and higher resistances.
By Anonymous
These guys are good for parry learn I perfected my parry and still fail till realized not all enemies can be parried LMAO
By Anonymous
The Shield Sword Knight Are Very Easy To Beat But The Cursders Am Not Sure How To Kite Them
By Anonymous
The mace ones are the most difficult no doubt. I died so many times to them
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
the tracking on these guys...
By Anonymous
They're like the greatsword one and the sword and shield one combined.
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By Zekerlad
These ****ers follow you till the ends of time
By Anonymous
The Old Knight set looks so cool. I wish there was a refurbished set for it =(
By Anonymous
Could be me but, I feel like the knights wielding the great sword have less defense/hp than the mace or shield knights
By Anonymous
Don't know about defense but they definetely has less HP.
By Anonymous
They definitely are squishier than the other two variants, but they also hit significantly harder, kinda the "glass cannon" variants of Old Knights, they're the flimsiest but also the most damaging ones
By Anonymous
They are also in Shrine of Amana and Drangleic Castle.
By Anonymous
The two-handed Mace ones are probably the most difficult variant to deal with, they have very accurate tracking being able to quickly pivot towards you mid-combo to hit you if you try to kite them, meaning you can only really dodge and block to avoid getting hit, they do massive poise damage easily staggering you even if you have high poise, and they're noticeably tankier than the other two aswell as being harder, the sword+shield ones have very simple, slow and easily dodged/blocked swings for most of their moves, and the greatswords ones are the hardest-hitting ones, but are also significantly flimsier than the other two and have slow attacks with little to no tracking, the Mace ones are the most troublesome, especially in groups or paired with other enemies like the Amana Mages