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I play on scholar of the first sin version and the farmer guys at brightstone cove have been dropping them for me quite a bit (always small ones i think)
They aren't giving me anything back
I just hope you didn't selected discard instead of leave
They aren't giving me anything back
I just hope you didn't selected discard instead of leave
You get 10 small smooth and silky stones from Rat king covenant 2, not regular ones.
Love *****
ok so I got a demons great hammer from a small smooth and silky stones
Nevermind I'm an idiot, forgot you start out as rank 0 in a covenant.
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i agree
So I have found 2 hidden smooth and silky stones that i didn't see referenced on here. I am playing SOTFS on NG and there seem to be invisible hollows holding them. One is sitting against the wall to Grave Warden Agdayne. I found another in Forest of Fallen Giants near a sconce, but i don't remember exactly where. They don't respawn and if Profound Still is cast close enough to them it highlights them with the little dark orb that appears.
>Dyna & Tillo will not accept stacked stones. You may stand in the nest and select "Leave" and drop them individually to receive a reward. You may drop many individual stones one at a time and receive all the rewards at once.

I'm not sure when exactly was this particular article written, but as of now, February 2017, this is false - you can drop a stack of X stone to then get X rewards. However, I believe there is a cap of 20 items on the floor, when you drop 21st, the first evaporates; so even if you drop 21 stones as one 'item bag', one of the rewards will be missing due to that.
As of April 2018 I can confirm that if you try to leave many stones (i tried with 5) you get a reply like "Not like that" (or something similar) and the iterms dropped in the nest are just the unconverted stones. [Tested on sotfs, PC]
I JUST got a Demon's Great Hammer from the first small smooth and silky stone wtf
I just got an Old Mundane Stone from a small smooth and silky stone. That being on SOTFS.
And also a Darknight Stone and a Divine Blessing, and a Bleed Stone. At this point, at least for SOTFS, it's probably safe to say that a lot of what's available on Medium here, is probably available with small... just a much smaller chance.
I got an amber herb from prism stone so that’s another thing wrong here