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I added to the online play section about enemy drops. If there is picture proof of enemies dropping other items please contact me so I can fix my addition, or just edit it yourself.



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In SOFTS PS4 definitely getting loyce soul drops when summoned as a Sun bro. Can't be sure about other item drops in the Ivory King fight. Getting only life gems else where.
You can keep your DS2 stuff. This update is for the original directx9 version of the game. The big new directx11 re-release (Scholar of the First Sin) is a completely separate game.
Do I Have To Get This As Its Own Game? Or Can I Get It And Keep My Stuff In DS2 Still?
when is it coming out
lien telechargement patch 1.10 pc svp
is it normal to have the 3 dlc keys automatic in your inventory every new game and the forlorn wont even show up in my game is this normal for the ps3
That is not the Scholar of the First Sin edition game. That is the vanilla DS2 game.
I bought only the dark soul 2 for ps3 and it has this version, I can access the maps of dlcs or just buying the dark souls 2: The Scholar of the First Sin for ps3?
There should be more of a distinction between which npc phantoms are available for this specific patch and which aren't. Ultimately, it seems that only those with the newer editions (Xbox one/PS4/newest pc version) get access to the summon, because with this patch along with calibration 1.15 there only seems to be the changes mentioned above and apparently Aldia as well. For example with this patch I've yet to see Ruined Aflis's summon sign in the Forest of the Fallen Giants. (Late af but oh well)