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Can we fight with my friend ? Pls help... He has got a PS4 and i've got a PS3 both of us Champion Tablet. My soul memory 390 million and his soul memory is 80 million. My soul Level is 807 and his soul Level is 390. We are in same city. We try everything but we didn't see any sign. PLS HELP !!! I want to beat him :)
It's virtually impossible to join as you are not even close to being the same level, the ps4 and ps3 share different online servers, and you cannot summon when part of the covenant of champions.
nice troll
Looking for some help to farm on DS2 for PS3. New to game series lvl 120 knight
mpd227 on ps3
add me on PSN iggy_5-7
Add me AlmightySpazz or my alt ScreenScrub69 if youre looking for help/ PvP
Add me darkwolf4601 ps3
Add me AlmightySpazz or my alt ScreenScrub69 if youre looking for help/ PvP
I seem to not be able to co-op on ps3. Like I am able to see and summon people but when I summon someone it gets timed out and when I get summoned to someone elses world there's a connectivity error........ massive struggle. ...sept9/2016
Ready for some Jolly Cooperation? FInd me @ Abstract619 and we'll PRAISE THE SUN!!!!!!!
Genera_Kellie Ps3
Can someone help me with Elana, Squalid Queen on PS4 scholar of the first sin?
My PSN is: xSafnox
can people on ps3 add me i could use a few people that can help me with dark souls....deathnite95
Are you still playing? Im kinda bored of playing alone
HI I have ps3 I only play low 69,999 soul memory and below. It requires the agape ring. If you wish to play this way I am 100% legit and in a clan I help you and give you some gaer. PSN is Invader_God