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By Anonymous
At least this game has a difficulty slider lmao
By Anonymous
welcome to the war zone, brother! Grab your sunny d and be careful not to go too deep. May the sun shine your way!
By Anonymous
This is why this game is garbage also the boss fights are terrible and easy.
By Anonymous
Agility increases iFrames drastically, as shown in these videos.
Excuse me what videos or is something in my browser blocking them?
By Anonymous
So am I the only one that thinks those equations can’t be right? They have faulty bounding conditions.

“When ATN + (3 * ADP) is less than or equal to 120: ((ATN + (3 * ADP)) / 4) + 80”

This is “supposed” to be used for agility values under 110, but that equation clearly goes to 120. If (x) is equal or less than 120, you take ((x)/4)+ 80, which gives you… 120 when x = 120. Doesn’t matter how you got that 120, could be 30/30 ATN/ADP, could be 15/35, whatever, as long as they hit 120 or less after you triple adp. But that means you have an agi over 110, so you use the other equation, but the other equation tells you to have a ATN+3*ADP of over 120, which you don’t. Something is either wrong or explained poorly.
By Anonymous
My brain wasn’t working, 120/4 was processing as 120/3, disregard.
By Anonymous
Should you stop leveling agility (adp) at a certain point or should you just level it all the way until you have the max i frames?
By Anonymous
It's best to stop at 105AGL. For each milestone after that you'll be putting more and more points into ADP, it's not worth it. I'd get 105AGL then get other stats to max or the hardcaps (ex. 99END, 50VIG, 50STR) and then level ADP to 99.
By Anonymous
i have 40 adp = 110 Agility a delight to play
By Anonymous
110 isn’t even a breakpoint though. 110 has no benefit over 108. Now if you went to 111, your roll would get just a little bit better.
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