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What does ATT stand for?
Does anyone know if Agility Rounds UP/DOWN if you have a number such as - 110.714285714 - or does it remain a static number with no variable changes?

actually, has anyone tested this?
this helped me like A LOT. thx!!!
Ng+7 and 105 agility. Rotten gets easy as majula's pigs
its about frames and frames are discrete so there is nothing in between
Amazing Talking Toilet
ATT = Attunement. Attunement's primary effect is increasing the number of spell slots and spell casts, but it also increases Agility.
ATT = Adaptability
ATT is attunement although it is abbreviated to ATN in DSII stats panel.

Took me a minute to work that out too as I can't speel attunement.
Att = Attorney
Reply by clicking reply, not making a separate post
IMO: it was a good design choice, it makes you pick between VIT and ADP, the arguments against it make no sense to be but it might be how they word it as "making the player character stronger/more powerful"
What do you mean it makes you pick? Soul Memory makes staying at a certain level utterly worthless outside of purposefully restricting yourself. You can choose both.
It isn't much of a choice. More I frames is vastly superior to a few dozen extra health points. Or more damage. Or more stamina or more equip load. Your I frames are the single most important stat in regards to survival and consequently your capacity to defeat enemies. if you had more base I frames like say 9 or 10 then it wouldn't be quite as one sided of a choice. but the base I frames the minimum amount you can have is 5 that just barely breaks past 1/10th of a second. if hitboxes also worked correctly then it would also make agility less powerful but hitboxes are unreliable and having more I frames helps deal with that.
If by 'pick' you mean 'yeah im ALSO gonna get adpt 30 because otherwise i'm sub par, so the meta SL is gonna be higher than usual'... then i'd say it was a weird way of phrasing it.
Horrible; makes combat a matter of waiting for whiffs. Can't get ballsy with enemies and have to treat everyone like a boss now. how you are supposed to approach most hostile enemies in any situation. IF you didn't, you would stack poise. Funny how mechanics change gameplay huh?
Don't treat everything like a boss. Treat everything like there's 100 enemies about to swarm you around every corner. or in other words be cautious. bosses will have actual attack patterns to learn. Well sometimes anyway. I think half the time the bosses are just me hacking away at swarms of trash mobs in this game.
Any higher than 100 agility does nothing for consuming flasks faster?



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The soft-cap for it is 110 agility which basically means that your dodge rolls and consumable time will drastically decrease until you get around 110 agility and then it will still slowly get better as you level up but at a much slower pace--meaning that you receive less return on your investment.
I think you meant "increase" there instead of "decrease".
Running around with between 100-120 agility trivializes most of the game. Str/adp is pretty hilarious "I'll just roll around and smak you with big fat sword.. NEUUUURRRRRRRRRR"


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..pure cringe
Well.. You tried.
Jesus christ.
I hate this stat, compared to the first game your character moves like a dumb fat kid; it just really annoys me that they made it effect how fast you use items so glad the fixed this in ds3
Yes, they fixed it in DS3 by turning the game into a mindless roll fest encompassed by zero don't even need to have a good reaction time to roll most attacks in DS3 lol.

No. Even DS1 and DS2 players would disagree together.
I love these two, because they encompass the two different types of blind DS1 fanboy: on the one hand, someone pissing about Agility/Adaptability in DS2, who CLEARLY doesn't understand how the mechanics works, and on the other hand, someone who's pissed that they can't just go Giantdad with Chaos Zwei to grief newbie players.



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the only thing I really hated in ds2 was this stat it is JUST there to kill people
More like it's there to appear useless because of a horrible description but actually be so OP that everyone and their mother will want to spend all their early levels on it.
I love this stat. The best part about it is that a toon with a high equip burden can CHOOSE to invest stats to gain i-frames on rolls and backsteps. In DaS1, there was no choice. You either have high equip/ low i-frames, or low equip/ high i-frames. This stat is one of the premiere stats in being able to truly tinker with a build and make it fit your exact playstyle. I personally never use a shield, and prefer dodging. But I am not putting away my UGS, no way, which needs some extra poise and armor to play well. Well, instead of suffering DaS1's roll, backstep and i-frame penalties, I now am able to play my guy, my way. In fact, I love that I could essentially Perma-equip my toon with even better i-frames than the DWGR, IF I WANT. This flexibility in build design is one of the reasons why I think Tanimura is the A-team when it came to designing a great game.
Butthurt fanboy dislikes. Cringe.
You don't really have a choice. If you don't invest in it, you have very little iframes no matter what you wear. Everybody is gonna max it out on any build, it's too valuable, it's just bad, unless you just want the extra challenge. Maybe if it reduced the penalty to iframes when encumbered then you might have a choice.
>toon hang yourself and livestream it for everyone you pathetic *****
Anyone who calls their character a toon is full of*****
"I love this stat. The best part about it is that a toon with a high equip burden can CHOOSE to invest stats to gain i-frames on rolls and backsteps. In DaS1, there was no choice. You either have high equip/ low i-frames, or low equip/ high i-frames." I do believe that is called balancing my friend. it is a trade-off like any other in dark souls. When you certain stats in souls you have to make a trade off spells? You gotta invest into attunement and the int/faith required to cast it so you will need to sacrifice your health or stamina to get that. And these choices are not inheriently superior over others either. In Ds2 you do have all the same build diversity but any competitive build will need adaptability or you won't be able to dodge. You can probably get away with lower I frames in PVE but In PVP well lets just say there's a reason you didn't want to be fat rolling.