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By JRockFan1990
So what is max agility, and how far does agility go until it stops adding bonus. I mean completely not just when it starts giving miniscule gains.
By Anonymous
You get 0.75 points of agility from adaptibility until you reach 110 then you can around 0.11 points
By Anonymous
Whats the ideal amount i should have per area? new to ds2, ds3 was my first
By Anonymous
its best if you get it to at least 105 agl (32 adp) and keep it like that, level it up as you progress through the areas not immediately after you get some souls cuz you also want to keep a steady DPS
By Anonymous
100 is good enough for every boss. Don't go past 105.
By Anonymous
Doesn't this depend on your build? xD
By Anonymous
Honestly, get 20 attunement because spells in DS2 are BUSTED. Get Dark Weapon ASAP and have 20 Adaptability. Sure, it's only 101 agility, but the damage from the extra levels being split into Strength, Dex, Intelligence and Faith MORE than make up for it. Talking, 550 damage a poke with 2h rapier on journey 11 enemies type stuff
By Anonymous
just started a new game after a year or two of staying away, running a Greatsword build w/ no shield, so i was wondering what would be a good level of ADP to have without dumping way too much into it?
By Eternal_Winter
Suprised to see someone so recent here. My advice is have somewhere between 20 and 25 ADP
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By Zantheros
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After reading all these comments... I'm getting the impression that this one stat might be responsible for the majority of the divide - playstyles, opinions, toxicity, you name it - in the player base regarding this game.

If my observation is correct, all I have to say is... why argue about this? If you don't like it, don't play the game, and don't drag others down; if you do like it, then play and have all the fun you like, and don't let others drag you down.
By Anonymous
This is always the piss pot of things to say. Anyone is allowed to play what they want, whether they like it or not. It's fine to be critical, but don't go telling others how to feel.
By Anonymous
I think what hes trying to say is that people should play the games they want to play and not go through things they dont like and that theres no point fighting about it all.
By Anonymous
Well it's an rpg so depending on your build, rp or "playstyle" .. you'll go into one or the other (obviously). The toxicity comes from the interaction with game mechanics themselves (PvP is broken not because of OP things but because of "net code" aka lag. i.e - a greatsword having seemingly more reach than a pike).
By Anonymous
aaaaand unsurprisingly we have at least one person getting weirdly triggered because someone in the comments on a forum tried to remind newbies that haters are gonna hate. How that equates to "telling people how to feel" exactly? I really haven't got a clue tbh. SMFH some people really don't pay attention to what they're reading
By Anonymous
It's good that they decided to take risks with stuff like this, sad it was just so... bad. The game itself is a good game, even if the learning curve is worse. The DLC's are some of the best in the series, only beaten by the Artorias DLC in my opinion. Yeah, it doesn't have automatically ds3 level rolls, but you don't need much ADP to remedy that. It's been a constant argument in the community about whether this game is good or not, and I say... Yeah, but not as good as 1 or 3. The bosses in this game are pretty good, and Creighton's story holds a special place in my heart. The only problem is the "Get Good" community. Toxic players with no respect for people who want to enjoy the game, or ARE actively trying to get good. I don't understand why it's more prevalent in ds2, but... just a warning for any new players, don't let these **** people make you quit, just block 'em and ignore 'em. There's my two cents on this game, I suppose.
By Anonymous
The bosses in ds2 are the worst in the series.
By Anonymous
@June 18 2021 anon, Personally I found outside of a few select bosses 1 had the worst bosses.
2 has a lot of "dudes in armor" but it had a lot of fun bosses.
Meanwhile DS1's bosses generally weren't hard, and also had some of the single most frustrating bosses in the series.
Bed of Chaos and Capra are just terrible designed, neither are difficult, but both are gimmicky and unfun, after that we have Nito, who is either face roll or a nightmare depending on your build.
At no point did I feel in 2 I was losing to a boss because of bad mechanics, but I felt that way in 1 on more than 1 occasion, especially as a new player.

I personally think 3 is the worst, 2 is the best, and 1 is in between.

By Anonymous
Adaptability is a stupid stat just get used to the slow dodging and slow healing and be untouchable with low agility so you can put more points into strength or int or faith
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
"uhuuuu im a braindead ds2 fan that doesn't realize that dropping 6 iframes from the previous game's medium roll is a bad thing, not to mention the fact that now rolling takes up about half your entire stamina bar on base agility and yet is awful with base iframes making the early game even more of a slog"
By Anonymous
Lmfao the beginning of DS2 is the easiest ****ing thing in the whole series, just get good you filthy ****in casual
By Anonymous
You all suck
By Anonymous
Why is the dark souls 2 community so toxic... Ya'll need to grow up, everyone knows this game was the worst in the series, but doesn't mean it's a **** game. It just has ****, lowlife people that enjoy it, like the anon who commented in all caps.
By Anonymous
why attunement? genuine question, i don't get what it has to do with speed.
By Anonymous
Purely for balance's sake. They probably realized casters have an extra stat to pump points into, so they gave it a little bonus to agility to make up for it.
By Anonymous
Think of attention and how well connected you are to your body. Id est, you can control your body well to cast magic faster so you must also be more agile.
By Anonymous
>be me
>500+ hours on xbox, ~273 in PC
>long time without playing
>"hmmm what was agility?"
>see war
I played nicely without it, even with shieldless builds... why? why do y'all care so much about it? too much dks/dks3 OP rolling? no seriously, I wanna know the deal with the iframes, you can always learn when to roll, no?
By Anonymous
Why pump Agility? Because the 773 hours played of DS2 you have could have had less deaths due to improper rolling. Maybe you would have finished the game just as many times but with only 500 hours. Counter point #2, not everyone has 773 hours to learn precise timings that you claim to have, although I'm sure you'd agree more iframes can be more beneficial on gank fights regardless, as some things are unavoidable with low agility.
By Anonymous
You're basically making the case for SL1 runs.

Adaptability: No need to level, learn to roll
Vigor: No need to level, just learn to roll
Endurance: No need to level, just manage your stamina
Vitality: Play naked and don't get hit
Damage stats: Just learn to land more hits instead

etc etc
By Anonymous
There are many attacks in this game you literally CANNOT roll through without increased agility.
This is why DS2 no-hit speedrunners always crank agility to 105.
You: "just learn when to roll"
Best DS players in the world: "you need to run 105 agility or you'll take a lot of hits you can't avoid otherwise."

Next time, before you throw a bunch of snark on here regarding things you know little about...

Seriously, how do you play through DS2 and not realize that many attack animations have more damage frames than you have iframes? That means you actually encountered dozens of attacks and just went "welp, guess that attack is literally unavoidable under any circumstance. Estus check!"
By Anonymous
I kinda agree though, i dump it most runs, many attacks are strafeable orbavoidable by keeping enough distance. Sure more iframes make it easier but rolling isnt the only way to avoid attacks. Just learn their patterns and cues and you hardly have to toll at all. Same with the hitboxes hate, dont judge the distance with your eyes, if you get hit take more distance. Learning hitboxes is just part of learning their patterns. People just complain because they dont want to put effort in it. Hence the term: get good!
By Anonymous
Tbh ds3 is the best in the serious
By Anonymous
then go play it instead of hating on a forum?
By Anonymous
DS3 is a great ending to the series, and the DLC literally brings you to the end of the world with the planet looking like its burning out down to the core and the entire Solar System appears to be collapsing.

But an ending is nothing if it has not been properly built up to. I really enjoy the idea of DS1 being the beginning to the story, with the character being the first to link the flame since the time of Gwyn's firelinking, AKA the first fire-linking of all time. DS2 is a slice of history and glimpse into the middle ages between beginning and end, where the world has already been subjected to dark times where the flame had been rejected by those who reach the kiln, and subjected to the unnatural rebirth brought about by countless undead linking the flame. DS2 is a cross-sectional view of an enormous world that has seen so many more cycles of darkness and light than in DS1 where the flame had only been linked once and ends with its 2nd linking. It feels like so many cultures have come and gone, countless heroes were born and died or hollowed... I really enjoy how the world and lore of DS2 presents a perfect juxtaposition between DS1's beginning of the Age of Lords, and DS3's ashen planet that is clearly tiring and being utterly depleted by the endless and unnatural cycle of Linking the Flame having been triggered an uncountable amount. Apocalyptically Burnt Out, the World appears to be a barren wasteland once Filianore's egg crumbles and leads to her either becoming unable to maintain the illusory world she created, or more likely we are thrust forward into time, and probably not absurdly far forward, as I believe the world's already nearing complete implosion from the abuse of flame-linking and divergence from the natural order. Just as the painted world(s) seem to always rot, so too has the real world finally rotted and burnt out to the point that linking the flame was likely no longer a viable ideology nor solution due to the planet's structural integrity seeming so fragile and destroyed.

I like to think that the painted world that Aria begins to paint will exist with time passing normally within the painting, while the physical painting itself which exists in the real world exists in suspended animation and time on the outside world. In a way where time passes in the painted world independent of the real world and thus a whole new era of mankind can be born with a brand new beginning to the world. That or the fact that Aria is painting her portrait within an existing portrait, ie The Painted World of Ariandel, might cause Aria's new painted world to act as a portal to another dimension, parallel universe and/or another totally independent plane of existence, as the new portrait is so far removed from the real outer world of Lothric, Lordran, Drangleic, etc, that it seems to have severed its connection to the places, people, time and space of that world. Especially with Aria acquiring the Blood of the Dark Soul Pigment as the paint with which she will paint the portrait, does this seem like a brand new beginning free of the constraints and traditions of the Dark Souls world, without the obsession with flame linking that was put in motion by Gwyn, without corrupt, hypocritical, power-hungry and cult-esque religions found in the the Way of White's faithless leaders who abuse the faith of subordinates and command great military power and the Cathedral of the Deep's obsession with hyper-hedonism going as far as to emulate the cannibalism and sadistic joy of watching the terror on the faces of the people, often children, that Aldritch and the many Aldritch faithful would engage in torturing, murdering and cannibalizing an unholy amount of victims, the early decimation and forced-extinction of an entire race of ancient dragons, and so much more that lead the world of Dark Souls to a continuous downward spiral that kept going lower until the end of time. The world Aria paints with pigment of the Dark Soul might possibly become as eternal and as immortal as the pigmies were when they possessed the dark soul... Allowing for a new world to be started from scratch; without the burdens, atrocities and mistakes of the past, and free from the outside world's obsession with linking a flame that should likely never have been linked in the first place. Mankind may have finally found its beginnings with the world that Aria paints, free from the Lords and gods of old, and free from all their downfalls and demands. Free not just from the aspects and influence of the world outside of the painting within a painting. Never before has a painted world been drawn using the Dark Soul, and I also like to think that this powerful pigment will grant a new world that is COMPLETELY unhindered by the characteristics and attributes of the painted world of Ariandel, and especially free of the toxic influences of the true outside world of Lothric/Drangleic/Lordran and all else that we never personally got to discover. And free from the apocalyptic nightmare the world has become where we fight Gael and Shira, allowing the new Painted World to become a totally untouched New World, with their time reset back to 0 as this new world becomes a welcoming place for new life and a chance for humanity to finally flourish after so long being herded by the gods, lords and their vassals to live in a mental, psychological, and spiritual, as well as an often literally physical, cage.

And Dark Souls 2 is such a warm slice of life straight out of my favorite video game universe ever created. A cross section of the world of Dark Souls long after the Chosen Undead linked the fading flame of Gwyn and defeated the Abyss in Oolacile, and long before the world of Dark Souls 3 where the World's existence is nearly burnt out and everyone and everything is running out of time, and out of options: Where Lords of Cinder see such worldly and personal destruction in the Linking of the Flame that they refuse to contribute to their world's destruction by linking it a second time when summoned, or, In the case of Lothric, refused to even link the Flame a first time.

The world of Dark Souls 2 is vast and the enormous differences since Lordran was our home in DS1 show just how far the world has come. New kings and lords have replaced old kings and lords. New civilizations, cultures and cities have replaced their older counterparts. And almost all of it has crumbled and almost all the names of this time were forgotten by the time of Dark Souls 3.

I love it, and I only played a few hours of DS2 so far, and I'm 4 bosses in. I beat DS1 and DS3 to several NG+. And to simply write off DS2 by labelling it as inferior to DS3 and ignoring it is beyond pointless, because it shows you also largely missed the point of what made DS2 great and what makes Dark Souls as a series great.

Unless you were just trying to make a cheeky tongue in cheek comment, but yeah... you know lol.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This person said DS3 is the best in the series. Everyone else takes it as saying Dark Souls 2 is horrible. What's wrong with the DS2 community? It's my favorite as well but stop being so defensive, you make the community look like a bunch of insecure children.
By Anonymous
DS2 > DS3 >>> DS1
this is just my opinion tho, but if you disagree, you are wrong
By Anonymous
Personally I found DS3 to be the worst in the series.
It honestly doesn't feel like a souls game.
It feels like Gothic Fantasy Bloodborne.

I see a lot of hate for DS2 saying its not a souls game, but it keeps IMO the single most important thing to make a souls game a souls game.
The washed out color palettes in the world, the music which focuses on being mysterious over tense, and the depressed, quirky NPC's.
This all added up to create a kind of bleak, world that to me always felt unique.
Then DS3 hit, and its a good game, but it's felt like a generic dark fantasy horror game. You could have slapped a hundred different franchise titles on their and tweaked the interface, removed the direct souls lore reference and you wouldn't ever have have known it was a souls game.
DS2 carried on the legacy, DS3 made a decent game, I liked bloodborne, afterall.
By Anonymous
Using the formula above, if you just want agility (and don't care about the other effects of Attunement or Adaptability), just dump points into Attunement (formula only uses 75% of Adaptability).
By Anonymous
Simple test if you will.
ATN = 1, ADP = 0, ((1 + (3 * 0)) / 4 = 1/4
ATN = 0, ADP = 1, ((0 + (3 * 1)) / 4 = 3/4
By Anonymous
Nah that’s bad advice. That formula says (ATN + 3*ADP)/4. That’s all of that divided by 4, so it uses 1/4 ATN and 3/4 ADP
By Anonymous
A little bit of Adp is still reccomended tho
By Anonymous
person didn’t pay attention or notice leveling up ATN doesn’t give nearly that much agility. I bet they never even leveled ATN high enough to notice otherwise he wouldn’t have made this comment. Idiots smh
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