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By Anonymous
Come to think, the Daughters of Dark each seem to reference the Knights of Gwyn.

–Alsanna is much like Ciaran, mourning her corrupted love.
– Nadalia is guarded by Raime, a left-handed knight corrupted by dark like Artorias.
– Elana deceived Yorgh into burying his spear into Sinh's body, a signature move of Ornstein's Dragonslayer Spear.
– Nashandra's plot regarding Vendrick's doomed war with the stone giants calls Gough to mind.
By Anonymous
although the first two is likely but the last two feels like a stretch anyway you look at it
By Anonymous
This man can obtain every item in eleum loyce at once with how far he can reach.
By Anonymous
You reached so hard, and yet, failed so badly.
By Anonymous
From be like: No worries, they're all simps and will grind for the souls.
By Anonymous
you need to grind for the unburnt Loyce armor set
By Anonymous
Ded'n ded.
By Anonymous
what if I get her 50 souls and then kill her? will I get two of her soul?
By Anonymous
Felt really good to smack her with a smelter hammer R2 after farming 50 souls
By Anonymous
Didn't want to, but bowed her down. Sorry, but 50 (?) Loyce souls is a bit much.
By Anonymous
Love her. Best queen.
By Anonymous
i killed her by accident what should i do?
By Anonymous
im sorry for her loss I'm sure ivory king was a good man
By Anonymous
the only thing keeping me from just skipping the ivory king fight due to the burnt knights was this girl. shes simply too cute to let down.
By Anonymous
starting the year off simping hard I see