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I have a big time deciding... I really want Eleum Loyce, but I get like 0.25 Loyce Soul per fight, and I do have Prisoner taters and Symbol of Avarice equipped, + Covetous Gold Ring +2... and I use rusted coins... so... what will happen in NG+ if I kill her?
she will respawn once u enter a NG-cycle
Once you get a lot of the Charred Lloyce Knight's equipment (weapon, shield and armor) they will stop dropping it and will only drop the Souls. So try to farm as much as you can and once they start dropping the souls use Rusted Coins. It will go swiftly after that, but still, about 50 fights is minimum.


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It should be noted that Loyce Soul’s drop for coop phantoms, and in better qty than for host in my testing.
Mmmm...prisoner taters