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There is a spelling mistake on the 7th line of Hints and Tips. The word 'animation' is spelled 'anamation'.
This sword sucks
Yes it requires dex if you wield it 2-handed
what stats do i need to powerstamve 2 of them



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Fixed! Page was locked due to youtube spam
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u can infuse the weapon, but not use resins
Does it require the dex if you're two handing it?
1.5x the stats like always.
2 handed? you mean dual wield it, right? the two are entirely different things
Would it be effective to block with the sword itself if you wish to two hand it,and have no shield?
I've been using the Fume Ultra to block the weaker attacks and it's pretty ***** effective, even to the point where the smaller weaker PVE enemies recoil. The damage mitagation is small enough to be restored with lifegems after annihilating the enemy o.o b, just don't try blocking the huge enemies or overusing the block, the stamina/health loss would probably break your guard and get you murdered. And instead of having no shield, you could have the Slumbering Dragon Shield/Blossom Kite shield for stamina regen or the Vessel Shield for stat boosts on your back while you 2 hand the sword. Having some adaptibility with dodging skills would be good too.
Sorry if the message is a bit long XD
Basically treat the block like a small shield with good stats and no parry.


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It can parry though...just not easily
Dragon Greatsword --> Fume Ultra Greatsword --> Fume Ultra Kill
Where do you find the Fume Ultra greatsword?
Kill the Fume Knight and use his sole. But you need to buy the dlc.
I think he would have two soles, given he has two feet. Does that mean you can get two swords?
yes, you do get two swords. normal fume sword, and fume ultra greatsword.
I beat him but didn’t get any soles....!
Old iron king dlc or scholar of the first sin
So you scrolled PAST WHERE IT TELLS YOU WHERE IT IS, so you could write a comment asking where it is.
Somebody told me that the fume ultragreatsword was nerfed alot is this true and if so is the ulttagreatsword still strong I also need help getting it can someone help me I play it on Xbox one
It's still one of the best weapons. Maybe a bit tricky to use if you've got used to horisontal swinging weapons. Dunno if it actually has been nerfed. It does incredible poise damage.
was nerfed in dark souls 3 not 2
Jesus, there's this thing called a spacebar, it puts spaces between your words, please use it.
recently got 2 of these things and I'm wondering what stats would I need to power stance em
60 STR 45 DEX
For any weapon in the game you just need to have 150% of the weapon's stats requirement to power stance.
Now what the **** do you plan to do with two of those things?
30 dex are you crazy ?
he's not crazy he's casul
30 dex what are you CASUAL XD
you stupid.
but don't tell anyone you levelled that up