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By Anonymous
I found its really easy if your wearing light armor to stay away and trigger the flame breath and as soon as it lifts it's head run to its side and hit it 2-3 times and repeat. You stay out of the range of any attacks (lightning halberd+10 two handed killed them in about 8-9 hits usually)
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u ***
By Anonymous
The poison cloud works well with greatsword +10
By Anonymous
In case anyone was looking here is the list of stuff you get:
titanite shards: 6
Large titanite: 6
titanite chunk: 3
Twinkling titanite: 6
Dragon bone: 6

Blot stone: 1
Raw stone: 1
Magic stone: 2
Faint stone: 1
Dark stone: 2
Fire stone: 1
pale stone: 2
Bleed stone: 1

petrified something: 1
lock stone: 1
Bonfire ascetic: 1 (so you can farm all day long)
Elizabeth mushrooms: 3
old radiate life gem: 1
Dragon tooth: 1 (weapon)
Flame quartz ring +2: 1
ring of the evil eye +2: 1
Fire tempest: 1 (pyromancy)
soul of a brave warrior: 3

If I am missing anything add it in a reply
By Anonymous
also 1 soul of a great hero, when you jump off the rope half way through\
By Anonymous
Also one titanite slab, on one of the lizards of the first red dragon
By nicksaysword
The easiest strategy I found for dispatching dragons is using poison arrows, takes around 4-6 to start the poison damage and it drains about a quarter of their life, dependent on stat investment. Don't even need to get close.
By Anonymous
the dragons in this area are all passive in SOFTS unless u break an egg or attack them, so for people that have difficulty, just dun attack or break eggs :D
By Anonymous
This is by far the best area to burn bonfire ascetics because of the large number of rare materials, weak enemies, and lack of a boss. As another commenter said, it's super easy to shoot poison arrows at the dragons and dispatch them with no risk to yourself. Every single one sleeps in an area surrounded with elevations. After you dispatch the rapturing hollows (takes me 1 arrow each), take up that elevated position and start shooting. Note that 1 out of the 3 dragons will still be able to breathe fire at you, in which case you should wear fire resistant armor and rings, and use flash sweat or GMB to get 900 fire resist.
By Anonymous
What is GMB?
By Anonymous
I really hate the fact that I got forcefully thrown upon eggs thus crushing them, it was near the sleeping dragon, and from nowhere these *****tard hollows came and jumped on me and exploded, throwing me upon eggs without me wanting it, now I had to deal with the *****ing sleeping dragon and now I buffed/boosted those soldiers as well????? I *****ing hate this.
By Anonymous
Don't worry. I called the wambulance for you
By Anonymous
That one came from the cliff on the opposite side, I suggest sniping it before climbing that area
By Anonymous
Which soldiers?
By Anonymous
Absolutely miserable area full of cheap deaths
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Pay attention, and you won't encounter "cheap deaths", except against exploding mummies. They suck.
By Anonymous
i mean i died a couple of times in my first run of this map, but none of them were cheap, it might just be that you were in a bad mental state when you played it
By Anonymous
I agree. Didnt know about the dragon breaking the bridge. Didnt break any eggs. Never saw it in many playthroughs. Died on my level 120 no death run character. Absolutely miserable and cheap
By Anonymous
these lizards seem impossible to kill before they despawn or you bounce off a wall 2-3 times on higher NG+'s. I don't even bother anymore.
By Anonymous
it's so annoying!
By Anonymous
try a different weapon. use something with a vertical swing like R2 on an axe or ultragreatsword. if you buff your weapon and your str is high enough you can 1shot them. even rapiers and spears work if you are fast enough.
By Anonymous
Bow/spells or axe, I use bow/axe