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By Exalus
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There are some NG related items I would like to update and the page overall could use a redesign due to the text being rather hard to read.
Thanks :)
By Anonymous
"Run up the nearby ramp for a breather and dispatch the Giants with ranged attack if you desire." It would be *really* helpful if you'd have mentioned you can't see anything down there, or which direction the ramp is in. Hopefully it will save someone else from losing 22500 souls -_-
By Anonymous
Shut thr ***** up
By Anonymous
There needs to be a section designated to explain how to get somewhere rather than simply what to do once there. Even just "the entrance is located in _" would be phenomenally more helpful.
By iAMjeenYUS
In SotFS, the second Fragrant Branch of Yore is no longer on the body after the fight with the Artificial Undead. It is now a Petrified Something.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
I got the Washing Pole katana here, it's not mentioned in this guide... After the 2nd bonfire go right from the area with the crystal lizards where the dark magic giants are and its on the far right side in the poison mist... Btw I'm playing SotFS.
By Anonymous
That's a beautiful verse. ^^
By Anonymous
Very unhelpful and confusing guide.
By Anonymous
The Lost Sinner isn't the boss of this place??
By Anonymous
No Sinner is in Sinners rise, beat the lost Bastille. this place is the lovable and ever so difficult Covetous demon.
By Anonymous
No its Jabba the hutt
By Anonymous
Right at the point when you turn left to the sun covenant, drop down to the mist to get a SLAB.
By Anonymous
There is no lost sinner in this area
By Anonymous
he's in the lost bastille
By Anonymous
She's in the lost bastille
By Anonymous
She !!! Also ***** poison wtf
By Anonymous
Just wanted to add for the SoTF version, there are now 3 Crystal Lizards just after the second bonfire. You can kite the one in the middle from afar, then slowly move out of the tunnel and range the other two before they both notice you and run away.
By Anonymous
True. At first only two seems to appear but the third one seems to appear after you dispatch the others and rest at a bonfire..
By Anonymous
The CL in the middle (of the three) will run back towards the bonfire if you snipe him with a bow. Otherwise for me, he has a very long detection range and will just run ahead into the poison pit. This is on SoTF.
By Anonymous
In this line: "Loot a Fragrant Branch of Yore from the body near the edge", the item is incorrect. In my game, it was a Petrified Something.
By Anonymous
Different body near a different edge.
By Anonymous
No estus shard here in sotfs
By Anonymous
How the f*ck i can reach this place i,m fu*king stuck in undead purgatory
By Anonymous
there you have to get the bridge up and defeat the skeleton lords
By Anonymous
git gud son
By Anonymous
Not through the undead purgatory, huntsman copse where you fought the skeleton lords boss. Through there you'll reach the lower part of the bridge. Pull the lever and it will take you there.
By Anonymous
Leave the undead purgatory the way you came. And then go the other way.
By Anonymous
***** YOU! Undead Purgatory does NOT lead here. It’s a dead end. Don’t listen to the guide, it was written by a halfwit using his***** as a map.
By Anonymous
Yes it does, once youve killed skeleton lords it takes you there through a bridge that you bring down by a lever and a short walk
By Anonymous
Yes, Huntsman's Copse does. Undead Purgatory is indeed a dead end
By Palpatine
He is right. That is the chariot boss. Skeleton lord boss room is in huntsmans copse.
By Anonymous
Guide never said Undead Purgatory "leads" to this area. It's just last in the order of guide. If you'd actually go back and read the Undead Purgatory page, you'd see why (which is Huntsman's Copse leads to two areas after it, Undead Purgatory, and alternatively, here (Harvest Valley). The guide lists all areas, so it listed Huntsman's Copse, Undead Purgatory, then this area. That doesn't imply Undead Purgatory leads to here, it's just one of the 2 branches from Huntsman's, the one that led to a dead end, which is why they listed it before this one, the branch from Huntsman's that leads to further areas in game.
By Anonymous
The guide never said Undead Purgatory "leads" to here (Harvest Valley). Undead Purgatory was just listed before Harvest Valley in the order of guide because (and you'd see this if you actually read the previous area pages in guide) Huntsman's Copse leads in 2 separate directions to 2 different areas, Undead Purgatory and Harvest Valley. It listed Undead Purgatory first on a page before Harvest Valley because Undead Purgatory is a dead end area (again, this is talked about on the Huntsman's Copse page), while Harvest Valley is the way that leads to further areas.