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By Montblanc
I am playing Scholar of the First Sin and was looking for the Crystal Lizard that should have spawned in the tunnel on the left that leads to a poison pit after the 4 Undead Huntsmen. I was not able to find it there so I thought I was too late and went back to the bonfire to try again. The second time it also wasn't there. The third time, right before smashing the wooden door to the aforementioned tunnel, I was invaded by NPC Forlorn which rewarded me with 1x Human Effigy. It is not listed here but it is on the Phantoms page. And by the way, I guess the Scholar edition does not have that Crystal Lizard in the tunnel, but the 3 ones after the bonfire at its place.
By Bonesofdeath
On the lower route to earthen peak there is a pharaoh lockstone spot on your right going for the eastus flask shard beware there one 4 of those poison spewing bugs as soon as you enter in the chest there is a poisonbite ring and a soul of a proud Knight which for some reason he left out when he made this walkthrough
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I know it's hard to believe, but we're actually standing in Ano--
By Anonymous
No, that was my fault. Please, leave a "bad player" review on my name, so I may learn from my mistakes...
By Anonymous
I have no idea why is this named Harvest Valley. There's too much poison here to be able to grow something. They could've named this area Poison Valley instead.
By Anonymous
probably because of the ton of loot you can "harvest"
By Anonymous
Narrator: He learned irony that day... or did he?
By Anonymous
It was mined so much that poison started spewing from the earth..
By Wolfdragon89
Maybe because the poison kills adventurers, thus their souls are "harvested" here.
By Anonymous
The Harvest refers to all of the ore being collected, hence Chloanna's dialogue. However, the land has been completely exhausted and now the land is riddled with poison.
By Anonymous
We're not going to mention the "Poison Pool" bonfire right beside where Chloanne is first met?
By Anonymous
You might want to read the first section of this page, 'Stone Trader', again, namely the 3rd sentence.
By Anonymous
No mention of the two suspicious shadows in the room with the steelworker all the poison vases?
By Anonymous
On PS4 I got invaded by a Forlorn in the boxed-in area with the 4 sickle guys.
By CynicalShrew
The bonfires are incorrectly listed as the ones for Black Gulch. I'd edit it myself, but the editor UI is bugging out.
By Anonymous
You say it's "dangerous to explore in without the appropriate gear" and "come prepared" but you never say what the appropriate gear is or how to prepare. Great guide.
By Anonymous
Obviously it's poison resist gear, duh. What else would it be?
By Anonymous
It will be very obvious very soon what you need
By Anonymous
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