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Straid only has toxic mist. I have the rat soul. I've beat the game so how do I get it? New game plus?
You probably didn't fight the Royal Rat Authority. There are two rat fights.
***** this spell. I have fought enough people trying to be trolls using this spell. Its annoying as ***** to fight against and really shouldnt have been made.
try acid with dark souls...
Those are 2 different bosses, soul needed for Acid surge is from the Giant Rat located in Doors Of Pharros zone.
Cast this at Emerald Herald for some odd behavior in pve
What does it do?
Actually useful in ds2 because all equipment is made of tissue paper in this game
As opposed to being absolutely unbreakable in the rest of the franchise.
When you see some troll use this just in equip everything or use a weapon you don’t mind breaking the weapon refraction ring works too
Pretty sure Acid Surge doesn't affect weapons
I try to get this early as possible to ruin the SM of low level area twinks. Shouldn't have asked your friend to drop that dragon ring, you joyless sucker


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Its possible to repair broken gear for free by hitting the hidden repair tree in shulva with a notched whip.
I've heard satan is a big fan of acid builds
When you use it for the first time in PvP and your opponent is a naked lad punching with their bare hands
My least proud moment in DS2, invading a world with an afk host and having this spell on hand. You know you've done the job when their Havel's Armor breaks.
So is this pyromancy of any use in PVE?