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By Anonymous
I wish the person(s) who came up with this area cancer. I wish the person(s) that allowed this atrocity, cancer. I wish the person(s) who developed this crime against humanity, cancer.
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skill issue
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By lyre1111
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See I like the idea of this area but the execution is garbage, here is how it should have been done:

1- Nerf the reindeers so they aren't tanky and can be killed with 1-2 hits
2- Add a pharos lockstone somewhere so you could make the blizzard dissapear
3- It's way too long, just cut it in half
By Anonymous
Hell, they could've always just added bonfires to it, like a bonfire at the edge of the bridge leading to Lud and Zallen or something etc.
By Anonymous
The last ruin with the ice knight has a round platform that would be so perfect for a bonfire. If it actually had one, I'd be fine with this area, but making the entire area a boss runback is just not cool.
By Anonymous
It's a cool area idea, being the biggest zone in any Souls game until Elden Ring came out. The Kirin just are too tanky and the blizzards are too frequent and block your vision too much. It needed more ruins and the kirin needed to spawn wayyyy less frequently. Make it feel almost like a Zelda desert area you're exploring. It would be fine even without bonfires then, as long as it had some repair powder drops to keep you going and maybe more pharos saunas.
By Anonymous
Chad npcs
By Anonymous
Tried this area out and beat it despite how infamous it is... It was not fun, infact it was horrible and if it wasn't for the summons I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up rage-quitting, this area is a nightmare and absolutely NOT worth the trouble unless you want the loot like the Ring of the Living, Loyce Greatsword etc really badly, there's nothing but agony, misery and so many goddamn frost horses to be had in this hellish tundra
By Anonymous
Maybe it was because I just beelined it to the boss, and maybe it was because of my choice of weapons (powerstanced smelter sword and aged smelter sword), but I didn't think the area was too bad. Now, if I were to actually explore, I might be saying otherwise.
By Anonymous
Hug the wall to your right and proceed forward so you don't encounter random hollows while fighting the horses.
By Anonymous
I went in blind dreading the negative reputation of this area. Tried to find my way, got swarmed by reindeers, lost in the snow died. Respawned and tried finding my souls, no luck reindeers are back to claim my soul, after running for a bit died again. 3-4x more deaths later I said **** it, **** this time for human effigy/ summon time. Called in the boyZ Vengarl, Feeva, Manhunter. Fcked every reindeer we came across, proceeded to find our way to the boss room without struggle. Defeated the boss in 1 try (I would have wanted to challenge the boss in a 1v2 (since there are 2 of them) but **** the runback that will entail as I don't want to get fcked in Reindeer Fckvalley more than intended.
Truly the peak of Dark souls 2 design. Worst area in all from soft games, worst area in dark souls 2 (followed by iron passage, and iron keep smelter demon run).
The good thing though is From software learned how **** this area is and the limits of their designs. There is a mini frigid outskirts in elden ring, but without the fcking reindeers and it is only a short area.
By Anonymous
You could have saved time by just saying it is too hard for you.
By Anonymous
24 Mar 2023 13:11 Anonymous
Save everyone on the internet time and just say you are a * that can't tell appart difficulty and **** design because you live in denial.
By Anonymous
One of the most brutal areas I've experienced in the series. I went through with a sword n' board character with some utility sorceries (repair, cast light, etc.), and even with the Repair spell helping through the whole area, my sword ended up breaking mid-boss fight, and I ended up needing to two-hand my shield and beat the damn things to death with it. Yes, that's right, it got so desperate I literally used my shield as a weapon. Between the constant blizzards, constant assaults from giant reindeer, broken gear, and next to no checkpoints, this was by far the most gruelling part of my journey through the souls games.
By Anonymous
Please edit: in SOTFS the Faraam Knight is not in phantom form but as a enemy NPC and he wields dual straight swords.
By Anonymous
Thank you! Was wondering why I was never invaded
By Anonymous
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