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By Anonymous
Sadly, miyazaki didn't share your opinion about this area and instead saw the blueprints of tediousness for the farron swamp.
By Anonymous
Ridiculously easy, except for the ******* boss.

Literally just wait for the blizzard to stop, run the right direction for a while and then stop when the blizzard stops.

The reindeer can be knocked down with 2HR2 attacks with a great club +10and killed in three hits.

Just bring a great club and 1 lifegem for each horse and win
By Anonymous
Whoever designed this map just dont know how to play game, why do you so lazy and just throw every mobs into player, even the boss has to be 2 too, is there nothing they can do but just let player 1v3 1v4 mobs :'D this game is not fun and is not worth playing it considered at how lazy in level designed, especially this map contains all the worsts this game has, i will only proceed 1 playthrough and never comeback this garbage again.
By Anonymous
I did it.... no summons, no coop.... i ****ing did it.
By Anonymous
Ok, just did this... Summon the 3 npc's at the start, book it to each checkpoint killing a horse if it spawns and take on the 2 tigers. The summons soak up a ton of damage! Dodge, weave and they'll be beat in no time. Charcoal pine resin worked pretty good too. Oh, use the healing pool on the way to the boss if the rent-a-friends need health, Vengarl tends to not heal for some reason. Ngl this area is poopoo...
By Anonymous
If you are feeling doubt about being a dev, know that people got payed to create this, if they got a job, you can do it
By Anonymous
Wow, those dev's still have people talking about their game nearly 10 years after its release. I dont think they did too bad...
By Anonymous
not you simping the devs of this **** lmao.
By Anonymous
What a waste making an area this cool and filling it with tedious nonsense
By Anonymous
Traveler who enters this place, abandon all hopes.
By Anonymous
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here...
By Anonymous
The bed of chaos of video game areas
By Anonymous
Finally visited this area, and yeah, it's really not worth it. Didn't even bother trying the boss because, no, I'm not willing to run back though this frozen hell again when I inevitably die.
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