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By Anonymous
I like the design of the area, is a big open field and when the the snow isn't blocking your view the area looks cool

...the enemies on the other hand, just suck
By Anonymous
I've beaten this area and it's bosses once just to see if it is worth it. It is not. Just skip this part and enjoy the game. Or be a little masochistic like me and see what it is like. Trust me, there is nothing of value here. Just stupid horses, an npc and 2 recycled Aava's (cat boss). There is nothing wrong with the area itself, the feeling of being lost in a storm and isolation is what they got right. If only there was something of value here and an extra bonfire. If only.
By Anonymous
I always like to think "it could be worse". This zone could have been unskippable. Just saying.
By Anonymous
Unskippable?! Hell no man!
By Anonymous
Only a masochist could have designed this area.
By Anonymous
Sadists designed this. Only masochists could enjoy this.
By Anonymous
Best area in the game. Very cool and relaxing
By MararStufos
I was about to finnish my first all bosses run and out of 35 hours in total i spent 5 just on this area, and I still did not kill those double trouble gank garbage bosses. It took fume knight, burnt ivory king and sinh less time combined than it did to accomplish nothing in this absolute hellhole of an "area". This single location crushed my entire spirit and I no longer want to play dark souls 2 ever again. I sincerely hope that the people behind this level are thrown out to die of frostbite while being attacked by several psychotic reindeer in northern Siberia.

But then again it could also be just a skill issue so idk.
By Anonymous
How can you sleep at night after designing this area?
By Anonymous
Whoever reading this: maybe you're an overworked guy with tons of issues in life, but just remember to hug your kids, take them to the cinema/beach/zoo, let them invite their friends for their birthday parties and just generally make sure they get enough love and care.

That way, the possibility of raising psychopaths who live off childhood trauma by desigining areas like this can be reduced close to zero.
By Anonymous
This is friggin hilarious! And truer words have never been spoken!
By Anonymous
This is hilarious. And truer words have never been spoken!
By Anonymous
went through this **** show of a place so much that I eventually knew where they spawned, how to dodge them, where to traverse the snowfield with the fog so that they wont spawn and to just get 4 shot by those stupid cats
By Anonymous
It's... challenging. That's the best I can say about this cancerous anal discharge of an area. I will defend this game to death and sometimes it feels like I'm the only one in the world that loves it. But this area, man...
By Anonymous
I'm with ya bruv, I really love this game but I agree that this area sucks, It's way too challenging but is it fun? No!
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