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By Anonymous
If it weren't for the reindeer...
By Anonymous
The quintessential Dark Souls 2 experience:

1. "Woah this area sucks" --> You then run into an even worse area right after

2. "Woah, this area is AWESOME!" --> You then run into a candidate for the worst area in any game ever right after (You are here)
By Anonymous
Why are people complaining just use the 3 Overpowered summons the game gives you lol
By Anonymous
I cant find manhunter summon sign is it soft only? I have the original ds2
The amount of crying is absurd hahahaha Just learn the area and go. You don't need to rush. Like every FS the DLC it's supposed to give a challenge. Hold this challenge.
By Anonymous
I have been trying to finish this area from the last 12hrs because I am dead set on beating every single boss in the game
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By Prowz4ssin
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I like the idea behind this area, but the horses should be a bit less annoying and there really needs to be a bonfire at the end.
By Anonymous
Tried this once, and never came back. Yeah, no thanks, I've already done Iron Passage, not gonna claw my way through another horribly designed optional area just for the sake of it.
By Anonymous
Me on my way to kill 70 minibosses while blinded by snow so I can safely go get ganked by two giant cats.
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