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By Anonymous
The one and only piece of advice that may be given is: use summons. If you see player summons - go for it, with 2 Sunbros and Sniper O'Harrah the area was bearable at best. Still a hellhole with little to no rewards, but I finally was able to kill every single boss in the game. The most DS2 area of all of them
By Anonymous
Call me a casual, but I ain't spending another few hours of my life on killing more than 12 horses in hopes that they'll stop spawning
By Anonymous
I hope the designers of this area step on a particularly agonizing lego
By Anonymous
I'm not making that run back, nope. Killed every other boss so far in the series, not doing a reskin of the first pet through a literal blizzard with invinciponies prowling around.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I want to go home, O I want to go home
By Anonymous
1. Add a warm and soft bonfire in 1st or 2nd ruin, at least a secret one.
3. Nerf reindeers, poise reduction would be nice.
4. Make the damn reindeers visible during short blizzard cut and not just randomly spawn in front of you. This zone is completely useless and optional. Optional zones with little to no meaning shouldn't be hard, but just additional adventure for player.
By Anonymous
Shaded Wood 2.0
By iPlayGamesITA
I guess I'll have to use my good ol' strat for this zone: repeat ad nauseam until those reindeers are all permanently dead. My winning strategy for bad zones in this game
By Anonymous
Instead of trying to go to each ruins, try to keep the sun (sunglare) on your right and keep sprinting. If you summon the npc you'll be quite safe vs the spawning beasts. If you reach a snow wall, it means you have to follow it to its left side. When you reach some crates and barrels, it means that you have reached the cliff. keep following the edge to the left. You'll see a ramp daown below soon. Jump and cross the bridge. Quickly adjust your equipment, wait for the summons to reach you and go through the fog gate before the electric deers catch you.
By Anonymous
Why the salt for these Kirins? These things beat old and new MH Kirins any day and if these things had gear... I'd wear nothing but their gear.
By Anonymous
Why are you so painfully cringe?
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