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Right when I summon Vengarl, I run a bit up the side of that hill and go straight, I only have to kill like 5 horses that way. I actually defeated Lud and Zallen on like my fourth try. That was hard as heck, especially when Zallen starts healing himself.. If anyone needs help out there?
***** this*****ty reindeers man. ***** them.
Cool area. If you summon, you get a nice party composition for the NPCs in SotFS. Vengarl tank, Abess Feeva for faith caster/healer, and O'harrah as a ranged DPS.

I was a strength build around SL200 and took me two tries to get through the area. Just 2 hand hold a shield up tbh. I wear full havel +5 but still struggled to poise through anything. Two handed the shield let me avoid the 1st charge in and just dodge from there.

Lud and Zallen was fun with my full party at the end. Didn't realize I was swinging for 50 with my greatsword because it broke, not because of the defenses at +3 phantoms. Got it on my 1st try but it was pretty close.
"Cool" area. I see what you did there.
Just now finished the area for the first time ever. On your own two horses can be done but extremely slow. Random build, but leaning toward Strength B. Tseldora Robe/Trousers +10, Jester's Gloves +10, Warlock Mask +10, Fume Ultra Greatsword +5, Havel's Greatshield. Was attempting to do it on my own an getting half way but the horses kept spawning lol, didn't even realise I could summon npc's once I did then everything became easy. Definitely an area and boss that requires assistance for some.

Good training area with npc's to help out though, just don't kill the area boss yet or their signs disappear haha.!
Took me about 4 hours to beat the boss solo, killed them on my 7th try though
Only 7 tries in 4 hours. Shows just how cancerous this place is.
Can someone help me with this place my name jesscking22 on ps3
I need to vent. I absolutely DETEST the Frigid Outskirts. The horse things are ENDLESS! I can handle the place fine IF the damn things attacked one at a time. If there are more than 1, its almost an automatic death. Once I get the damn boss souls I am having someone hack in and giving me 99 of them. I NEVER want to see this place ever again!


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Everyone Does, This place is by far THE HARDEST AREA OF THE SERIES. even Iron Passage is a cakewalk to this place, and that was already miles ahead of Hunters Nightmare, Fishing Hamlet and the Ringed City. Honestly they should drop 99x of them just to balance this place out. There is a reason this place is know as Horsefu_ck Valley
There's 2 more items that i found which aren't listed here:

20x Lacerating Knife at a corpse in the middle of nowhere
Dried roots (forgot where i found it)

And it looks like there's also 2x twinkling titanite somewhere, but i haven't found it yet. Oh and btw: ***** this area.
is there a bonfire ?

This area is The Cancer.



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Idk what I did, but Manhunter'O'Harrah is also one of the possible summons for this area. #Phan-Trio
guys, theres actually a secret where if you use a fire twinblade and hit a wall, it will melt the wall and you can go into a place called frigid cave