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"Alsanna quietly found a place at the Ivory King's side [until] his strength was fully drained,"
Relationships, am I right?
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More like women.
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I platinumed DS3 while the servers were down so clearly I have some tolerance for pointless grinding but this is one item in a FromSoft game where I'm just like "No, I have better things to do with my life"
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kill alsanna
By Anonymous
You don't need the weapon for any trophy
By Anonymous
"You don't need the weapon for any trophy" It is a personal achievement.
By Anonymous
what if
you wanted a cool dex sword
but fromsoft said
*18 str and 11 fth*
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Kinda reminds me of that healing touch spell from Demon's Souls - the one that completely sucked ***. The healing spell on this sucks ***, too, but at least you can beat people to death with this one.

9/10 they're learning
By Anonymous
It requires 11 faith not 14.
By Anonymous
So it's a coop weapon? It heals only allies and not the player?

I'm still planning to kill Alsanna anyway
By Anonymous
This weapon may have become the blades of mercy in bb
By Anonymous
considering that Bloodborne and the vanilla version of DS2 were being developed at the same time by different teams, probably not. one of the devs for the DS2 DLCs might have seen the Blades of Mercy at some point and been inspired to make an homage, though
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Would infusing this with bleed stone be a good idea?
I’ve heard that bleed damage scales with Faith and Dexterity, and I’m thinking of making a Dex-Faith build soon.
By Anonymous
It do be tho
By Anonymous
dont . bleed suck
By Anonymous
bleed damage does not scale in ds2, it is always a flat 200. the bleed BNS stat only effects how much bleed *buildup* your bleed attacks inflict, letting you inflict bleeding quicker and thus more often