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Use as item bait for people.... Invade and wave while leaving it on the ground then back up and bow and when they grab it, smash their face!


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I honestly think this is almost the best thing, I can farm them with prism stones and go to the nest and drop them, or do it the sad way and destroy a chest. But once you have loads of rubbish you can use these as bait during PvPs. The way that has been working the best is spawning in, waving and trying to be friendly to my ememy, then place the rubbish and when they go over to it, HURRY UP and change to a power weapon and backstab them. Rubbish=OP.
Your Pate cosplay is strong
"Here lies a trap" "SIKE, EVEN MORE TRAP" -Pate
wait, if you break the chest, it makes the item rubbish?!
Skidoodish-skidudish your item's now a rubbish
i remember somewhere around the demon of song I had a thought... "why do so many wooden chest have rubbish?"
lmao truly the greatest downfall of swinging greatswords everywhere
i thought when you break a trap chest this is what you get
LMAO this item is trash
I mean, You're not wrong



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I gave this to a red invader. He wasn't so happy about it.
I have destroyed so many chests.... bruh.