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the legend never dies
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That description is the description of the Minotaur Helm. It should say:

A mask depicting Pharros' contraption.
Tears flow from the eyes of this mask,
drenching its wearer.

The majority of Pharros' creations
are perplexing to reasoned men,
and this mask is no exception.
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Please fix the description, it lead to a red herring when working on a lore project... very frustrating. Thank you!
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Pharros Mask +10
Ironclad chest, gauntlets and leggings + 10
Fire Zweihander +10
= Giant Grandad
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Well.......what is it?
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No No you need Pharros Mask Old Knight Set but not the helmet and thin Fire Zweihander +10
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I would use the syan set. its the right color.
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The Mastadon Set looks a lot more appropriate for Giant Dad. The only thing useful about the Ironclad chest piece is that you can't get backstabbed. It makes no sense for a Giant Dad build.
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I think mastodon dad is more legit
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Can anyone drop me this at Majula?
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By Nuuskis
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No, because you can't put your sign down in Majula.
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First of all, there's two reasons why not. You can't summon***** at Majula, and second of all, GIT GUD, just improve your goddamn strategy to deal with the*****.
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I suppose it's no coincidence that a perpetually crying mask is your reward for completing one of the premier examples of stupidly antagonistic game design.
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Derp derp great original comment saying d2 is awful. Never seen this exact comment on every other article having to do with this game or anything
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lol ds2 isnt even that bad of a game. I mean, ds3 is just second hand bloodborne. You're just whining cause it's the hardest of the three dark souls games.
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Dark Souls 2 is harder, lul. The first one is patience and the third one is crappy
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DS2 is objectively terrible in just about any comparison you could make to the rest of FromSoft's work. Only a * would defend it
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^ STFU pretty sure you're the only * here
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that fashion and powerstancing tho
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lol just run through the gates fivehead
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what rings u got ****?
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FaP (third dragon ring) and Havel’s Ring (soldier ring +2) as well as Grass Crest shield(watchdragon parma)
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Ring of Giants +2. Chloranthy Ring +2. Third Dragon Ring Steel Protection Ring +2.
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pharros mask, the best looking mask in the game
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that does not say much considering your other option is manikin mask
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we're just gonna ignore sinner mask?
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They are nothing compared to the legendary FALCONER HELMET and it's sexy red feather