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This+flash sweat to make a pyromancer's life hell
By Anonymous
The amount of fire defense being wet gives you is insane. Try stacking as much fire defense as you can with armor, flash sweat, orange burr, and fire quartz ring, and see how quickly the lava in Iron Keep still kills you. Now try eschewing all those things, but being wet, either from this mask or from a Pharros fountain, and check the difference. Wetness + flash sweat is practical invulnerability, and with this mask you could even do it in PvP against a pyromancer.
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Sadge Dad
By Anonymous
"A mask depicting Pharros' contraption.
Tears flow from the eyes of this mask,
drenching its wearer.

The mesmerizing caverns of the Gyrm were made with a peculiar rock that was apparently blessed by an endless spring of cristal-clear water. Pharros realized this miracle when the mask started crying after the last polish of his own face.

As he put the mask on, the blessed waters cleared his old eyes, revealing new perspectives to it's maker. Under such new scope, Pharros's contraptions were created. Only those most fond of exploration would be gifted with the revelations of the unseen.