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The guide is horrible. Without the video I'd have missed half the ways, there's no mentioning of the ladders at the end, not all the scones are mentioned. sorry but this guide probably killed and frustrated me more than it was useful.
But if you turn up the contrast it loses the Spoopy Dooii


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Awful walkthrough! Was very confusing!
Also to note when dropping in to this area (what is said in From The Grave To The Gutter) if u proceed to the lower end of the building instead of going on the platform with the hollow and jars there's a spot that breaks and has u land right next to the bonfire in that area. (this is towards the lower end of the ramp that u fall on to after first coming in to the area
Level reliant on a consumable that can't be bought, decks every Hollow in it with Darkpine Resin. *****in' A.
What consumable? Torches?
The gutter is a trashcan, both literally and metaphorically.
In sotfs version theres an invisible hollow that drops smooth and silky stone at the fog gate before the 2nd bonfire. The sconce on the right
There's a lot of them
Blighttown 2.0
this are is so easy, i get through there in 2 minutes without dying usually, and don't even need a torch. after going there like 3 to 5 times you know it like the back of ur hand
You realize new players still might need help, right? Your attitude is why some people get turned away from this game and costs the community new players. Get that***** outta here. You contribute to this constructively. Tis Fextralife, not Flextralife.
SOTFS : Heide Lance and Heide Knight Iron Mask are not a guaranteed drop: the knight can jump out of the platform on its own. Ok, I poisoned him at first but really T_T