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Anyone else notice the Alien references with the creepy bug queen and the face huggers?
Okay but it make no sens I did the entire area without a single problem. I reach the black gulch get killed and now I can make it without an hollow backstabbing me, a mummy exploding on me or falling down invisible holes. I'm about to lose my freaking sanity. It's literally impossible that I got unlucky exactly at the same spot for over 3 hours!
Once you make to the gulch, look for a room that's immediately on the left (bonfire).
Worst level ever, bad design, too long and annoying
long? you finish this area faster then forrest of fallen giants
No heide knight or auros set, only ring of evil eye. No mimic either :(
That's true if you're on ps3 version. All these pop on pc sotfs tho. Not shure about ps4, had no chance to check it yet. Cheers.
While I appreciate the effort of whoever tried to make this guide, it's such a huge mess and absolutely impossible to follow. It uses ramp and bridge interchangeably when there are a dozen times that both are available, it generalizes things like "room over there" without any further clarification, and it explains two entire paths before putting as the last sentence of the paragraph "BUT DON'T DO THAT YET."

This is already such a confusing level, this guide honestly just makes it harder.
FYI the Heide Knight and Aurous set are *not* off a small ramp as the guide says, it's just a ledge that you have to peer down to see that you can fall. Look for the sconce surrounded by 5 dead bodies, one leaning against it. There's a very tall building just next to the ledge a few steps away from the sconce. Go to the ledge, look down, and you'll see a spot you can drop to.
pozdrowienia dla pniocka bo nie wierzy ze w to gram
More usefull than this guide
This guide is seriously hard to understand the explanations are all mixed up it tells me to do things then after it tells me to ignore them alot of the locations are inaccurate on how their set up I was literally playing through it while reading this and none of it made sense because half the stuff it said was there wasn't there no I have the game of the year edition for PlayStation 3
This was posted a long time ago.. lots of confusing loot/enemy related stuff It's 2018 mate They've forgotten Drangleic..... like those before ....