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By Anonymous
Oversized Cutie:
recommended gender: girl
recommended hair: 4th (short hair)

Bone Crown (or any crown)
White Priest Robe
Lion Mage Cuffs
Leggings of Aurous (invisible) or none
By Anonymous
hi anon from may 26 with fashion to share:
old iron king crown
raime's armor
engraved gaintlets
drakeblood leggings
mad warrior mask
drakekeeper armor
havel's gauntlets
alonne's leggings (prioritizing weight)
ivory king crown
watcher armor
targray's gauntlets
loyce leggings
By Anonymous
can someone fix this page, most of the pics won't load no matter what and some are too squished or widened
By Anonymous

Vengarl's Helm
Vengarl's Armor
Vengarl's Gloves
Vengarl's Boots
By Anonymous
Finally, a good Fashion Souls
By Anonymous
Upgraded benhart

Faraam helm
Benhart armor
Looking glass gauntlets
Looking glass leggings
Moonlight greatsword
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