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By Anonymous
Put this on the Moonlight Greatsword and turn it into a pure physical weapon.
By Anonymous
I hope you don't like using the beams, because that would reduce the beam damage to 0 since they're 100% magic.
By Anonymous
This actually works well on certain weapons like Black Scorpion Stinger. Its better damage than any of the other infusements as it doesn't split the damage and scaling is the same percentage (seriously ignore the letters they mean nothing, go look up the data mined weapon scaling its all that matters).

I imagine there is other sleeper enchanted weapons out there that have been ignored all these years.
By Anonymous
Shield Crossbow is another weapon which is best infused with enchanted
By Anonymous
bottom line: not even the **** broken straight sword hilt deserves such a shameful DOWNGRADE as when infused with this piece of dung pie